Super Tanky Transport

I have an idea for a third t2 hauler.

I guess the class can be… Fast Transport?

Fast Transport:

So it will have a cargo space of 1670 m3, a mining hold of 5000 m3, and a fleet hanger equal to the cargo space of the T1 fast hauler, so for Ammar it would have a fleet hanger of 2100 m3.

Racial Hauler Bonus:
5% Inertia Modifier Per Level

Transport Ships bonuses
4% bonus to all armor resistances (or whatever the racial resist is) per level

Fast Transport Bonuses (new skill):
5% bonus to fleet hangar capacity per level
+40% Shield and Armor HP per level
+40% Medium Weapons Damage Per Level
+3% Speed When Cloaked

Role Bonus:
+3 Warp Core strength if not Warp Scrambled
100% bonus to the benefits of overheating Afterburners, Microwarpdrives, Local Repair Modules, and Resistance Modules
90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue
-75% PG and CPU use of Medium Energy Turret, Hybrid Turret, Projectile Turret, Heavy Missile Launcher, and Heavy Assault Missile Launcher (but not lights since frigates are often used to tackle and lights are good against those)
+200% Velocity if 10NM or 100 NM Afterburner is Activated
+200% Mass if 10NM or 100 NM Afterburner is Activated

(note, I don’t think I did the math right. Afterburners nominally add something like 25% extra speed, but the actual speed depends on the mass. I’m basically trying to triple the top speed and give more mass, but I think the mass might screw over the top speed so it doesn’t equal triple of what it would be without these two modifiers)
As for other stats
PG and CPU: Same as Racial Deep Space Transport
Capacitor: Same as Racial DST
Capacitor time to recharge: Triple Racial DST
High: 3 Slots
Medium: Same as Racial DST
Low: One slot more than Racial DST
Hardpoints: Same as Racial DST

Max Velocity: Same as Racial Fast Transport
Warp Speed: Same as Racial DST
Scan Resolution: Triple Racial DST
Other targeting Stats: Same as Racial DST

Mass: Same as Racial DST
Inertia Modifier: I don’t know, but I’m trying to make the same base time to warp as the Sigil, Badger, and Nerus, but with a different mass, I don’t know how that works.

Structure Hitpoints: 4 times Racial DST
Armor Hitpoints: Same as Racial DST
Shield Hitpoints: Same as Racial DST.

So what is the final result? In the end, it is a transport that can fight with medium weapons, but is still outgunned by any of the crusiers. It has even more tank than the Deep Space Transports, have 300% the Armor and Structure and 400% of the hull. It aligns like a fast transport.

At the cost of all this, the fleet hanger is tiny and no better than the t1 counterpart, without even being able to expand it with cargo rigs. For larger cargo, you’d probably want an actual DST. For moving those valuable blueprints or drugs, a blockade runner with the covert ops is better.

The fast transport would be the only ship capable of having the equivalent of 3 turrets doing damage while still being able to carry medium sized cargo too big for a Sunesis. It can be used either as bait for a gatecamp, or to legitimately bring cargo through a smartbomb camp. Normally fast align ships are vulnerable to smart bombs. Well, now here is a fast align ship that laughs at smarts, all at the cost of not even carrying as much as a blockade runner.

not going to kill this idea but you know this is not the best idea right

The way I think of it is this. Transports want 3 things, the ability to carry goods, quick align, and EHP. Deep Space Transports carry a lot, but their align time is long. Blockade Runners have good align, with inertia stabs can make them sub-2, but if fit for alignment the lack of damage control make them smartbomb fodder. The proposal of Fast Transport gives something that can both align well (although with no covert ops cloak) and is even tankier than the DST, but the carrying capacity is sufficiently low that most people would just go with the DST anyways.

I don’t see why I’d fly this ship instead of one of the other haulers.

If I’m carrying small valuable cargo, a blockade runner is going to get it to destination faster and safer. If I’m carrying cargo large enough for a DST, it won’t fit in this ship.

If I want to bait gatecamps in a hauler I can use the tanky T1 versions, or deep space transports. And if I’d want to run past smartboms: a BR works perfectly fine if you know what you’re doing.


A blockade runner is more than sufficient. That’s what the covops cloak is for. Mine isn’t even halfway into the cloaking animation and I’m already in warp…

Honestly, I think most people wouldn’t.

Adding something that can carry what a Deep Space Transport can carry and be even tankier would instantly crash the Occator market and ruin people who make that for a (virtual) living.

But adding a ship to the game that most people wouldn’t use that some people do wouldn’t break the game. Ideally when adding a ship, it’s probably good if it is moderately used by Omega players and doesn’t step on the niche’s of existing ships, unless your new ship is a navy version that’s supposed to be better than the base version at the cost of needing to get those BPCs. If it outclasses the older ships too much, that’s not good. If it is only used in very niche cases, that’s not as good as seeing moderate usage, but it makes those players happy.

Yeah to be tankier than a DST and align as fast as the smaller T1 haulers, it would have to have a downside right?

I’m not so sure on this. I see lots of BRs without damage controls on zKillboard and… well guess what they were killed by?

Besides this “fast transport” idea could just shrug off smartbombs and still use inertia modifiers like inertia stabilizers. How can you make a Viator shrug off smarts? You probably use some tanking modules… but that means you don’t use inertia stabilizers.

If there is a good Viator fit, I’m guessing the align time is more than 5 seconds unless you use a dedicated hauling clone. Having a shorter align time is good for traveling (even if there is no threat, it’s faster if it is lower) and in the rare case someone tries to decloak you with an instant locker, which I admit is not likely since I have tried to catch stealth bombers with a 5 second align time and couldn’t.

I’m guessing even with a DC there isn’t a good Viator fit that shurgs off smarts even if you don’t even care about align time.

I agree for the most part most hauling niches are taken up by existing ships, but I think the smartbomb thing is a real use case.

The new Fast Transport can just be like “I don’t care about smartbombs” with only a single damage control and make themselves align a bit better with the lows. Of course, I know someone is going to copy this guy…

Gerard Amatin, you probably forgot him but you found his fit on zKillboard and I thank you for that it gave me a good laugh when you mentioned it.

[Occator, Occator Cargo]

Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Medium Cargohold Optimization II
Medium Cargohold Optimization II

Just post that smartbomb lossmail and stop trying to reinvent the wheel

It’s not reinventing the wheel.

Thaink about it, a transport wants 4 things. Safety, tank, fast align, and capacity. Safety is related to tank and align and isn’t independent. A transport can’t have all 3 or it’d be the end all be all for hauling.

DSTs sacrifice align time.

Blockade Runners sacrifice Tank and space.

Fast transport will sacrifice even more space.

No. That logic is dumb. Outside of highsec tank is mostly irrelevant. If you are caught you are dead. Not getting caught is best safety. Hence why high align speed is so valuable. No idea why you put “safety” as separate thing. There is no “safety” attribute.

On grid speed bonus is useless on any transport ship. Your main goal is to not be in one spot/grid.

Weaponizing industrial ship is against design concept for all similar ships. And again useless if by design can’t use that weapons against prime hostile. Tackle.

So generally can’t be pointed. Ironically, what is the point of this trait?
Edit: very roundabout nullification?

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That’s a skill issue, or lag.

The way to shrug off smartbombs is to not warp directly from gate to a gate you don’t have d-scan vision on.

If you have a covops cloak, you could simply warp to the grid elsewhere by coming from a different angle, and slowboat past the camp, cloaked.

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Don’t you still end in smart range when you warp to a planet and then the gate? I smartbomb battleship can place themselves at gate B in the direction of gate A, forcing anyone who goes from A to B to get smacked. But can’t you also just plop yourself within 2000 m of the gate and make anyone coming to gate B take a hit?

Smartbombing generally happens a bit away from the gate, to hit the people who are still decelerating from their warp. I haven’t done smartbomb gatecamping myself, but I think it might not even be possible to activate the bombs right on top of the gate?

Anyway, there’s always an angle you can approach the gate from that isn’t covered by smartbombs, unless they have enough smartbombing ships to cover all angles (lol, I’d like to see that) in which case you can just turn around and try again later.

Depends on whether the warp from the planet is the same angle as the warp coming from the other main gate on the route. It could be, but there’s also a big chance that it isn’t.

Check the ingame system map to see those angles. If the planet itself doesn’t work, a belt or anomaly can give you a better warpin angle.

Blockade runners can warp cloaked, so if you have determined with d-scan that there are no bubbles, dictors or hictors on the gate, you can safely warp at 100 from an unexpected angle, oversee the situation and make your plan to take the gate from there.

Something you don’t even have to worry about in low sec, as you can’t bubble there…

Well hauling can be done in any system right? That said, if you know what gate someone is coming from and you’re in a null system, instead of using smartbombs on the exit gate, it makes more sense to just plop a bubble on the entrance gate. Even if my proposed hauler gets into the game, it still makes more sense to use a bubble in null.

A blockade runner doesn’t get stopped by that.

You simply activate your nullifier and covops cloak and warp straight out of that bubble gate camp. Unless you’re in a cargo fit instead of align fit and they have a very skilled decloaker, or if you were really really unlucky by spawning within 2km of an object, they won’t be able to catch you.

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yeah it will hit the gate which does not end well

should i tell him about the bowhead everyone?

Doesn’t have the same align time as what I mentioned

Maybe that’s why they’re on zKill in the first place, no?


I mean I have made some bad ideas but this is just bad