Add timestamps to contributions and end dates to corporation projects

The blog post suggested the “Deliver” corporation project could be used to implemtn buyback programs, but it’s missing several things to make it work.
We can’t set rewards for contribution, so it can’t work like an automated buyback program for member to supply their corps with materials.
We can’t see when a player made each delivery and of how many materials, only the total delivered, so we can’t check periodically and pay out (which would still be problematic, since we’d have to track outside the game which contributions were paid out).
And we can’t set an end date for the project, so that could at least pay out in cycles.

As it is, I don’t understand how anyone thought it could be used for buybacks, at most it can be used for donations.

looks like end date is whenever you meet the goal of what you put down. like i put down 60m units… seems like when that is reached, thats the end of the project.

i don’t have others in my corp at the moment but it looks like each person that contributes to mining can share what they have contributed to the overall progress of the project.

Not literal buy backs you idiot…

jesus its like no one understands the term “Project”

you make a project, or several for a like say an athanor…
when its all complete you pay your contributors their % of the proceeds from selling it…if your selling it.

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