Add to calendar

So EVE has had this fancy calendar for quite a while now, but the one thing that seems to be missing (please correct me if im wrong returning player here) is the ability to add a skill or skill queue to the calendar.

What I would expect is that you could add an entry to the calendar to alert you when a skill is about the finish that day, or simply add this for all skills in your current skill plan.

Right now I have planned a few hundred days and when that is done I will want to remap my character to optimize training. I can’t be bothered to calculate exactly what dat this would be I would expect the only thing in the EVE client that directly links to real world dates and times to be added to my calendar with a simple click of the button. If this is possible please explain how that is done as I cannot for the life of me find any intuitive way to do so, or I am just extremely rusty with EVE logic as it has been a few years since I last played.

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