Add warp disruption to all ships

I don’t like that to PVP, you are given the choice just between short range scram and long range disruption, but that you must fit either of them - otherwise everyone would just flee. No other module is as mandatory - while a propmod is fairly standard, it isn’t as mandatory as a scram/disruptor and your ship works fine without.

So, a simple proposal: give all ships built-in warp disruption. As base, say 5 km range, 10 cap/5s cycle, 1 point, no disabling of MWD. Thus, all additional modules still give you extra range and other benefits, but you can fit something else on mids instead if you want to.

NO, get gud scrub


It’s about as mandatory as a prop mod. There are some specialised fits that don’t necessarily need point. Alpha/sniper, neut heavy, fleet set-ups.

Same argument against this idea as the free prop mod idea, it means a lot of ships suddenly have a free mid and that affects balance.

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That is only true if you are a solo ganker.

If you have a fleet there will be others who tackle.

If you are in factions doing plexes, or are doing some missions, kill is not the goal, survive is.


I say reverse this idea in a way…on April 1st, just for kicks, as soon as you’re undocked, your ship is just naturally warp disrupted. Can’t go anywhere. Effects everyone across the cluster.

Neut requires point, it just omits guns. Solo alpha works only against smaller or untanked ships (say arty nado vs a frig/destroyer), you won’t destroy anything approximately your size that way.
So, the main/only situation where you don’t require a point is just fleet, where you either have alpha or others to point. But in these scenarios, having built-in point doesn’t change anything - even if you do have such free point, you will not use it.

Propmod is perhaps also fitted as often (well, more often if you include PVE ships), but your ship can move just fine even without the propmod, so it isn’t the same as the point.

I do agree about the possible balance issues, but this should affect most ships quite equally - only the ships with just 2 mids could benefit somewhat more than the rest. It would change many fittings though.

Delete any post I made on this topic

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personally i think that all these ships with a built in warp disrupter is silly. if everyone has warp disrupters then what every ship really need are built in warp stabs, because there are plenty of thumb fingered idiots that might accidentally warp disrupt you.

So a simple proposal, all ships need to warp, so give all ships free warp stabs, say a base of +2 and a dickbutt in local when you get away.

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