Adding Second Account

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I can’t figure out how to add characters on my second account. The first one is working fine but long to see all of my toons in one app. How do i proceed.


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You can only run multiple accounts at the same time if both of the accounts are Omega, if that’s what you are trying to do…

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Are you talking about the EVE client? then the answer is

or are you talking about as app on your phone? what are you actually talking about?

(Do Little) #4

If you want to see all of your characters across multiple accounts in the same app, you need a 3rd party product like EVEMon.

Because of the way ESI security works, EVEMon requires a developer account which, in turn, requires an Omega account. There may be other 3rd party tools that work with Alpha accounts but I’m not familiar with them.


(ISD Yumi) #5

If you are referring to the official Eve Online android app you need to add each character separately, they are not added all at once.

When you login there will be a drop-down to select which character you want to add, so just log in and select them one-by-one, the characters you want to add to the app.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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