Additions to the Monthly Economic Report Needed

CCP should start including the number (& type) of faction Fortizars & Alliance Tournament ships in existence in the game so players have a sense of their scarcity in the interests of full disclosure.

Anything that exists in the game that players can destroy that cannot be recreated should be included in the monthly economic report.

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What is the value in this information?

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Due to their scarcity all of these items are worth a substantial sum in ISK and can be more adequately assessed by Eve players if this information is made public and updated.

Well, tbh in most cases they are one of a kind or so rare as to be nearly such, so they are worth whatever people want to put on them.

It would stagnate and damage the collector’s market to do a census of ultra-rare items, I feel.

Faction fortizars are certainly not one of a kind. There are hundreds of them. And even hundreds of some specific types of them still likely in existence.

Maybe the Alliance Tournament ships & all other kinds of limited run ships are too few and rare to bother with but including the faction Fortizar figures in the MER (& what type) would be hugely beneficial to the Eve community.

How would that be beneficial?

There’s only like 20 people who have the isk / care enough about this.
And those that care already know.
It’d be useless information for 99.99% of the population.

I can’t see how that benefits the game, nor how it’s part of the ‘economic data’. There are irreplaceable ships, items, implants and gear that can’t be gotten again, should we add counts for those? It sounds more like you have a personal objective and you’d rather have CCP do the work for you than do it yourself.

Adding Pochven as a region makes sense for the data they’re publishing, as an example. Counting down items to blow up doesn’t.

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It’s interesting.
World News.
Something for people to awe at.

People who didn’t know this stuff existed …
… might be thinking about how to destroy it.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea.

I feel like we’re all way too tight-ass …
… and need to loosen up some more.

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Eh I like a mystery

Sure, but when people don’t even know about the mystery …
… then they’re not much of a mystery.

You are correct most of the people on these forums are angry losers.

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