Adjusted price vs sell order

(Hedoran Jaynara) #1

In my small scale production, when deciding what to build I’ve compared what the I would get if I sold the material, for instance minerals, on the market through a sell order compared to using them in my production.

Now recently I stumbled upon “Adjusted price” which fuzz work among others seems to use, which often, if not always, is much lower than market price for said item.

I am a bit puzzled.

Could some one please explain adjusted price and why I should use that instead of the way I’ve been going about?

(Oriella Trikassi) #2

‘Adjusted Price’ is a formula mostly used by the Devs for statistical purposes. We know that it is Global, covering all of EVE and that it is a 30-day rolling average but it also has some secret tweaks intended to prevent it being manipulated by players.
It impacts manufacturing because it is used to calculate factory costs. I pull it from the SWAGGER API for my spreadsheet, there are other sources.

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