What math do you use for a "sane" market price?

I’ve been working on my own set of tools and APIs for the last 2 years. Mostly for fun and a learning experience of different software and frameworks. I use the data for my own in-game stuff and im pretty satisfied with my accuracy.

That said, I’m curious about the kind of math other people use to calculate sale prices of stuff. Obviously taking the lowest price of an item at any time can skew things if someone posts an item for way below average just to get it to sell quickly.

My current math is I take the 5 lowest sell prices for an item in my target system, and then take the 5th percentile of those 5 points. I usually end up with a number just slightly above the lowest sell price but its been almost flawless in avoiding outlying data points. I’ve toyed with the idea of weighting it by volume but I haven’t been motivated to do the math for that since my current approach works nicely for the most part.

I’m curious what other methods people to crunch this kind of data? Are there any suggestions or glaring issues anyone can see with my own method?

Thanks for letting me poke your brains

Last ten day trimean of buy and sell depending on application of value. Generally using raw material value like minerals, gas, and moon goo. PI is a little different because of the weirdness of it and poco tax.

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