ADM Industry LvL mechanics

Hey Guys,
does anybody know how much m3 ore per lvl is required on Industry ADM? Or where my mistake is?
I found this and hope it is up to date.

Lvl Mined volume to obtain Volume per day to obtain
1 1,500,000 750,000 3.97
2 3,000,000 1,500,000 7.94
3 6,000,000 3,000,000 15.89
4 12,000,000 6,000,000 31.77
5 24,000,000 12,000,000 63.54

  • My yield with 5 toons ist 340831.83m3 / hour
  • 1m3 = 0.00006667 %points according to the data above (1% = 15.000m3 ----> 1m3 = 0.00006667 %points

so my mining yield 340831.83m3 x 0.00006667 = 22.72 % points per hour.

But I am doing more than 22.72 % mor like between 30 and 40 % what did i do wrong ?
And my mining yield is correct everything is considered I am alone in the system / the Burst / so my yield / hour is correct.

Please sombody help me.

Your table titles is a little bit off it’s: Level, m³ mined to Obtain, m³ mined to Maintain, Average Hours.

With your 340k m³/hour from your 5 characters (total) you will need to spend 4h 25min to achieve level 1 (2h 13min to maintain). Doubling that for each level you go up.

Are you the only one there Mining? Friend or Foe doesn’t matter, the SOV Index don’t care about who is doing the job as long as it’s being done.

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