Advanced Contracts

I believe that certain types of game-play that are generally relegated to multiboxers or close-knit trusted groups would become much more prevalent with some advanced economic features.

Example 1
Imagine a moon mining operation. There are many players mining this moon. A hauler player collects the cans that the miners jettison.
Option 1: A contract is signed by the miners to the hauler wherein the hauler will automatically pay a select sum per ore gathered from a jet-can.
Option 2: The miner pays the hauler a select sum per ore or M3 hauled to station for them.

Example 2
Imagine a large Alliance. They are engaged in warfare with another similarly large Alliance. They want to incentivize their members to achieve tactical objectives in this war.
Option 1: For every 10 isk that is destroyed in property damage to the opposing Alliance, the player’s Alliance automatically pays 1 isk to them.
Option 2: The alliance can input criteria as to the circumstances of a ship’s destruction, and criteria onto the fitting of that ship. If those criteria are met, then an automatic SRP payment will go towards that player.

Obviously, these things can already be done. But, the possibilities for profitable gameplay would increase as a result of these advanced contracts. With less effort required by the employing entity, interesting play-styles might become real professions.

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These aren’t contracts in EVE mechanics terms, these are automation features. I don’t disagree that these things are cumbersome to manage with current tools, but claiming they can be addressed with ‘advanced contracts’ is a misrepresentation of what contracts are within EVE.

The first is an on-demand automated buyback feature between authorized parties on a per-can-access basis that has to recognize valid parties for whom it should move wallet funds, and ineligible parties for whom no wallet funds are moved, and all other can rules (including corp access rights and suspect flags for ‘illegal’ access) are still honored.

The second is automating of alliance-placed ‘bounties’ (distinct from EVE bounties, which are their own special chaos) on selected targets. Not only have actual bounties been suspended because of performance issues - issues having this system would exacerbate - it isn’t anywhere close to a contract-related feature.

I suggest splitting your two concepts into separate threads and giving them accurate titles.

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This used to be quite prevalent, without the contract, but they made mining “best done solo” and screwed up the social aspect.

Example 1:
Intra-corp/alliance market. No fees or tax.

Example 2:
Intra-corp/alliance bounties and killrights.


You might like this guy’s suggestion:

Anyway, I think your proposals need work, but I like the idea of them. So, I’ll give you a like anyway.

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