Sov Structure Bounty System

Heyyyyo CCP what’s up, how’s it going. I’m doing great, thanks for asking. Game’s never been so busy. (all those years of skill training are finally being put to use)

Sssssoooo lately I’ve been running a bounty program for Imperium entosis hackers. A scaling system based on ADM, but I was thinking if there was a bounty system for sov structures and nodes, my task would be easier and there would be a lot less effort between hacking and proving that hacks took place. So far it’s looked like screenshots being posted in bounty threads.

For offense purposes it would be great if I could simply place an ISK bounty on a sov structure that pays out when it is reinforced, and a separate pool of ISK that pays out by node.

I’ve been working it out to be 1 million ISK per minute that our hackers are required to cycle their entosis link. Depending on the urgency and importance of an alliance’s structures I also apply a multiplier.

An alliance-wide sov bounty could work too, if any successful hacking event paid out, like an initial reinforce, or the completion of a hacking node. The tricky part for giving it enough impact is also allowing the payout to have a multiplier somehow. For example, TEST sov structures have a 3x multiplier in Delve and Querious, which means an ADM 3 sov structure pays out at a rate of ( (ADM * 10) + 5 ) * 3. or 35 million ISK times 3, for a total of 105 million ISK.

(ADM * 10) is how the server determines the hack time, and is the number of minutes to hack
((ADM * 10 ) +5) the five extra minutes is the warm-up cycle in minutes
((ADM * 10) + 5) * 3 the multiple of 3 is a bonus modifier

NC and Horde structures pay out at a 5x multiplier, or ( (ADM * 10) + 5 ) * 5. For an ADM 3 system that would be 35 million is x 5; 165 million ISK.

Strategic index could approximate this multiplier incentive. Or you could let the bounty slowly grow from ratting bounties (lol).

I’m also working out how to pay out for each node hacked during a campaign, and I can’t figure out a good system that doesn’t involve a ton of screenshots and admin. Maybe a bounty pool that pays out after a campaign is won, split between every character that killed a node? A bonus for killing campaign nodes can be a blind incentive to anyone completing it, friend or foe.

If I could place an ISK bounty on a structure and determine its multiplier per minute, it would automate this incentive system and also open up the bounties to anyone eligible to hack the structure. It would be easier, more consistent, and also synergize well with roaming ESS hunters.

Thhhaaaaanks and congrats to Hilmar on his new sword

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I kind of like this idea. Gives players a PvP focused way to earn, and I’m a fan of things that reduce burnout for those performing administrative work for organizations. I do, however, wonder if it shifts the balance of power a little away from smaller and poorer groups and towards bigger/richer groups. But, IDK. Don’t have time to explore the idea further. Have other things I need to do while I have power.

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