Player driven missions

How about adding a feature when after reaching certain level with faction, skill set and maybe renting a space players would be able to create their own missions out of citadel and share with people

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We call them contracts atm.

And set up your own personal combat missions to farm? No thanks.

Mission Burner, same system, NPC burners 0 hit points.
Works for me.

Not only you already can do that, you are encouraged to create your own missions. EVE is a sandbox where you set your own goals.

Some examples of self-created missions:

  1. Obtain all the materials and manufacture a ship/item of your choice.
  2. Go to low sec and try to cause more ISK damage than your ship (which you will probably lose in the end) is worth.
  3. Suicide gank a high sec miner. Bonus points if you get some tears out of them.
  4. Join a corporation and become one of the leadership.
  5. Become a null sec F1 monkey.

There are coutless more options, plus you don’t need no faction standings for this. Just use your imagination and have fun!


I do like the idea of adding more ‘fluff’ to a contract or player created mission. I also like the idea of player created rewards, using blue prints and resources to create minor personalized trinkets. Such a BPO could use a pregenerated script and insert the creating player’s name and corporation into the description. For example, a Certificate of Appreciation - [insert player/corporation name] could require minimal resources and some corporate management skills to craft. It might even only be craftable by the CEO of a corp, cutting down on the number of people who can make such an item for a given corp. Player created corporate licenses, while cosmetic, could be another addition.

However, I know the asset creation time on CCP’s end would make most of that stuff cost prohibitive for something not many players seem to be wanting or needing. I do like the tools the game gives us, like the mail system, where I could write a letter of recommendation for someone who does delivery missions for me.

That being said, I do agree it would be nice to have a few more ways to reward or motivate players to fulfill player created contracts and missions.

… you mean eve once you leave the cradle that is hs mission running? my CEO gives me ‘missions’ all the time and i as an FC give ‘missions’ all the time

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