Player made missions

I’m not sure if CCP have talked about this in some of their gatherings, but did they ever mention player made missions?

I’m thinking everything from small missions similar to agent missions to bounty hunter missions, all the way up to alliance made missions (fleets). For alliance made missions (fleets) it would be roams or targeted structures etc which could be done without a fleet commander. Rewards could be participation recorded, or isk or ship/modules.
Missions would need a set of requirements to be met before they could be started, and have a time limit.
Would this be useful for the fleet commanders/officers of the different alliances?

I think it will be having sense only towards real players:

alliances create a specific mission to destroy number of their hostilities ships. For example “Alliance A” wants you to destroy 10 ships of “Alliance B” members (with specification whether it would be mining or combat ships), once this done “Alliance A” will pay you money from it’s wallet. This will be ‘Security’ missions.
Also there could be ‘Distribution’ missions (bring specific items to alliance station).
And ‘Mining’ missions as well (mine specific amount of ore and drop to alliance station).
Missions could be seen through The Agency or specific panel.

NPC missions created by players - I think this is very uneffective cause creates a chaos.

Good news! We already have them!

Just the other day I ran a courier mission from perimeter to a staging location for my alt’s corp.

A long time ago a corp paid me to go kill someone they didn’t like. Each kill earned me a bounty paid by the corp.

Although the best gig is getting paid a retainer fee for running corp industry and marketing missions.


Player created missions in Eve = PVP. You can create your own simply by hunting and killing another player or participate in a major quest with hundreds or thousands of other players. Of course, other players may be hunting you at the same time …


I think the person means setting up an npc and having it pay X for someone going out and doing activity Y rather than a person actually doing it. Distribution and Mining would be about the only ones that could reasonably be made. Security could work in low and null but would be difficult to code.

Feels like an automation request.

Once upon a time there was talk of groups being able to hire agents to their outposts but that is long past.

CCP haven’t but players did - you’re about the 10,000th of them suggesting this. Also this:


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