New mission system

I like the idea of missions, yet i think they can be improved

My suggestion is to have the option of automated/simulated runs;

After fitting your ship, you specify for the available missions you want to run a tactical profile.
Parameters would be things like payout vs survivability

If you choose max payout your ship has a higher chance of taking damage (lowering survivability)
The safest settings will run the mission like a pro, however rewards are kept to a minimum

Results can be instant or with a short delay (a few minutes perhaps)
The time for mission complete could also be a parameter

You mean like an auto-complete?

Are you finding it too difficult to bot or something?

I can see how it may feel that way, an option would be to link runs per time to personal best (manually run) for each mission

So yes? You want legal botting?

Revamping missions would likely tie up every resource CCP has for a couple of years and most of the players who run missions would complain bitterly - they want predictable, farmable content - “cashflow for capsuleers”

This idea in a modified form has already been placed into the game:

Option 1: Run traditional missions in a golem and cry tears of boredom as hordes of NPCs try in vain to get your shields below 90%.

Option 2: Run mostly burner missions in a selection of ships and fits and make more isk for more risk (but eventually cry tears of boredom anyways).

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