Advanced Training from Aura

Hi CCP, Just went through your NPE again with Aura. It’s clever cool and is really good for noobs.

Is there a way to have addition advanced tutorials on extra special things?

For examples a tutorial on PI with Aura. Not saying you should get free skill books just the training.

Corp mechanics
Planetary Production
Setting up a refinery.
Capturing sov
Faction warface

i’m sure there are more things.


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Thanks dude, I like watching videos. And usually get all my tips from youtube. See below.

But I think you missed the point. I want an advance in game tutorial. With the topics that go beyond this. I select what I want then learn it. And then click along.

Thanks for the videos.

and a few more.

obligatory EVE University class plug

If you want education in-game, they provide

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EVE uni, actually a well thought out response and plug. Thanks.

I have a corp, though. Do they do “night classes”, for non corp members?

I’m going to link the obligatory EVE skill graph. Once I find it.


EVE does not handhold. EVE should NOT handhold. You’re asking for just that.

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