[Advice] Lorehounds' opinions on Amarr disposition toward commoner-owned corporations

Hi again, I’m back with another question on Amarr lore, mainly regarding the official position of the Throne, Imperial Trade Registry, or other Empire organizations toward commoners (non-Amarr and non-Chosen) owning and controlling interstellar corporations. Obviously, there’s no game mechanic to restrict players doing so, but I am interested in the opinions or lore findings of anyone who is willing to share.

Thanks as always.

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I don’t know of a ‘clean answer’ but here’s some observations that suggest it might be a possibility, even if not common:

We do know that some amarr entities have outside investor owners, such as State megas:

“The Carthum is a fairly new company that was formed with aid from the Caldari Lai Dai mega corporation, which owns a considerable share in the company. Carthum brought much needed vitality into the stale field of research and development and has been responsible for the respectable hi-tech gadgetry in many recent Amarrian space ships.”

Khanid Innovation is partially owned by Lai Dai corporation.

While some companies specifically mention that they are owned or controlled by Holders or Amarr government entities, others are silent in their descriptions which leaves the possibility open as to other owners.

The lore does say “wealthy commoners” are very rare, but also says most are traders of goods between the empires, so this does seem to keep the door open that at least some of them might have ownership interests in interstellar entities related to trade.

Demographics of the Amarr Empire | EVE Universe (eveonline.com)

Finally, at least one entity is controlled by freed slaves! Whether its considered interstellar or not, there is the “Kameira Lodge”:

The Kameira slave-soldiers of the Amarr Empire have an almost mythical status throughout New Eden, and even a sober analysis places them as among the most formidable troops in the cluster. While most Kameiras are fated to die in battle some survive to earn their freedom. The Kameira Lodge was founded by a number of freed Kameiras as a means of trading on their martial skills. Due to the reputation of the Kameiras, the mercenaries of the Lodge are much in demand.


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