HiSec NPC Corp to raise standing with for Industry/Mining

I am a new Caldari pilot. I want to specialize in industry and mining and keep my home in HiSec, for now. I was wondering what NPC corporation I should run missions for in order to lower the costs of refining and crafting? Are there any that stand out as more optimal than others? Does this even matter?

@Merle_Sterling for reprocessing and building that don’t matter as you can use player owned structures for a way better taxes. for market yes, that matters. if you around jita, go to Caldari navy as its the owner of the market hub. if you close to amarr go for emperor family. the other 2 main empires I’m not sure about the factions …

if you need further help in market and industry feel free to add me in discord: kritikosk8#5153


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