AEGIS CONCORD Division Formed to Bolster Spacelane Security and Combat Hijackers

2018-10-10 19:30
By Lina Ambre

Yulai – CONCORD has officially announced the formation of AEGIS, a new division that will specialize in ensuring the security of spacelanes, and be given the powers and capability to interdict and board ships that have been hijacked or are undergoing pirate boarding assaults.

In a press briefing at the DED’s headquarters in Yulai, Brigadier General Odo Korachi introduced Colonel Kasiha Valkanir as the head of the newly-formed division after some background remarks. “In response to emergent threat Case Green Magic, the Inner Circle is authorizing the formation of new operational division AEGIS, the Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security. In accordance with Directive Sigma Nu 13, the operations of AEGIS will be conducted independently under the direct oversight of the Inner Circle. It is my pleasure to confirm the appointment of Colonel Kasiha Valkanir to the post of Provost Marshal of AEGIS.”

Taking over the briefing, the new Provost Marshal outlined the conclusions of the recent Inner Circle meeting to discuss recent ship disappearances and threats to interstellar shipping. “The Inner Circle has identified a new emergent threat to the security of the New Eden cluster, designated Case Green Magic. This threat takes the form of an increasing trend in the numbers of ships that have totally disappeared over the course of the last 12 months. As you will know, this trend was publicly identified in a recent report by the Aidonis Foundation and SOE. Today, CONCORD is confirming the emerging threat is real and steps will be taken to counter it.”

Asked about the scale of the threat, Provost Marshal Valkanir provided a few details. “So far the increased rate of ship disappearances is concentrated in an arc of generally low security regions on the borders of nullsec. This runs in the main from Aridia in cluster west to Molden Heath in cluster east. Recently, CONCORD listening posts and allied intelligence services have detected a spike in incidents across the Derelik and Molden Heath regions. The recent disappearance of a Republic Fleet vessel on military duties in Molden Heath represents an escalation, given that the vast majority of ship disappearances fitting the pattern have been civilian vessels.”

Pressed on the concrete nature of these incidents, Valkanir said, “I can confirm that the Republic Fleet vessel is still missing. I can also confirm that recovered data clearly indicates the vessel was subject to a heavy boarding action by assault troops. CONCORD is not speculating as to the origin of these troops at this time.”

“I have now indicated the emergent threat we are dealing with,” continued Valkanir. “My role in post as Provost Marshal of AEGIS is to maintain high focus on the continuing investigation into these incidents, to provide support for allied search and rescue operations as needed, and most importantly to build up the security and counter-force capabilities of this division. Details on these efforts are classified on a need-know-basis. We make no apology for the necessity of that. However, assurance of confidence in secure spacelanes for shipping and other traffic is part of our role, and information vital to the public will continue to be provided.”

The Scope will continue to monitor developments regarding the so-called “Case Green Magic” threat and CONCORD’s AEGIS division.


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I guess also worth linking is this really interesting … and weird … bit of news:

I’m going to make this a daily thing now. People in here don’t look at the other places where world news is being posted … and that’s a shame.

WTB Space Marines, to repel boarders.

Now we know how PA and CCP will work together!

It’ll be a reincarnation of DUST, but instead of fighting on planets, BDO players will chill out in Eve ships and duke it out in boarding parties.

When I read that yesterday I was reminded of “Case Nightmare Green” from Charles Stross’s “Laundry Files”.

Don’t think it will be Lovecraftian horrors in this case.

Oh, that news story about the holodrama was amusing.

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Has nothing to do with PA. Watch that long EVE trailer with the foot soldiers boarding ships. The one with the stargate EMPing at the end, rendering hundreds of thousands of people effectively locked into space coffins.

That’s where this is coming from.
That’s where it is heading to.

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Shrug, I’m just sperging.

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