[ARC] Open Letter to Case Red Gamma Taskforce

To Captain Oveg Drust, the Case Red Gamma task force, the Inner Circle;

We have confirmed the construction of a new class of vessel by the Triglavian Collective, the Xordazh-classification world ark. At this time, we believe this is a modernization or militarization of a prior specification of the class, Kitezh. The capabilities of this vessel, and the Collective’s plans for its deployment, remain unclear. What is clear is that the Collective is actively surveilling New Eden, collating information about the various empires and organizations active in it, and has stated its intent to engage in cladistic proving and mortification. Whether or not cladistic mortification may endanger the peoples of New Eden remains unclear.

While Capsuleers have been able to confirm much of this by intercepted cladeflow messages and exploratory work within Abyssal Deadspace, we believe that the Case Red Gamma task force possesses knowledge that may be essential for the security and safety of the peoples of New Eden. In the absence of this information, the risk of pilot activities causing significant unanticipated harm increases markedly.

Very simply, secrecy for secrecy’s sake may cause more harm than good.

We believe it’s time for us all to begin addressing these developments openly and cooperatively with the empires and their representatives, and to prepare for an evolving threat environment.

We seek your assistance and wisdom in these matters.

On behalf of the Consortium coordination group,
Makoto Priano


I wonder who the Captain fears more.
Trigilavians… or us Capsuleers?


Good luck in this. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks CONCORD would rather the entire cluster burn than give us so much as directions to Jita 4-4.


I believe we should do our best to aid The Triglavian Collective if their goals are anything but mass genocide of normal human populations.

I, Nauplius, do hereby demand that Case Red Gamma Taskforce turn over any and all information related to the weaponization of Triglavian technology to the Amarr Empire; in particular, the sensitivity of this information requires that said information be given only to the most worthy of the Chosen, King Khanid via his righteous intermediary, Sa-Baron Chakaid. As a reward, the Empire will surely gift Case Red Gamma Taskforce with only the most merciful and gentle forms of slavery upon the inevitable Reclaiming of CONCORD; resist, and instead Case Red Gamma Taskforce will spend the short remainder of their lives mining lava planets with hand tools, only to be dumped in abandoned mine shafts to die when they can no longer work.

In other news, CONCORD is probably tracking possible entry locations and massing a fleet to assault the Xordazh as we speak.

Then again, several Capsuleer associations are probably doing the same, knowing our kind…

I don’t see it happening Naupilus, I mean CONCORD’s assessment of you is ‘crazed madman’ I believe.

Well, ok, this statement is vague as it gets, but did none of you stop to think it might be Triglavian’s answer to the Drifter aggression in Abyssal space?

This hopefully is just common sense and self-preservation should dictate it, but if you see that thing here, in empire or null security space, maybe consider it is just transiting to Anoikis or wherever, and that engaging it just because it is somewhere is a tremendously bad idea.


We have certainly considered this. Unless they have a better way to navigate Anoikis than we do, however, it’s more likely they’re deploying to New Eden, from which they will still have access to Anoikis through the Wormhole network.

Nobody, especially not Makoto Priano, is suggesting swift and decisive engagement with the Xordazh should it appear… merely that being engaged by the Xordazh is a noteworthy, and rightfully frightening, possibility.

There is of course the possibilty, that if the translation is accurate - “A world ark” - is that they, as you said, are deploying in New Eden in force and that… Hmm, I’m loathe to call it ship, it’s probably more a mobile space station… That it will be a stronghold or a field base for the Triglavian campaign against the Drifters.

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Or a forward operating base in New Eden as they begin more complex interactions with us, heavily armed in case it meets resistance… which I don’t think is an unreasonable expectation.

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This would be a preferable option too, yes.


The Triglavians are “embarking for the star for all mankind.” They seem to be aiming a bit higher than Drifters or the likes of us.

A welcome reminder… though we’re still uncertain what that means.

Are you sure? Because all I hear is “Suish-shosh-shish-shoosh”?

The process is described over in the Semiosis thread. Feel free to read up and give it a whack yourself, peanut.

I’ll leave opening potentially murderous puzzle box’s for others, avocado.

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Splendid, buttercup! Yes, I’m sure.

To address this open letter:

As per my last GalNet bulletin, AEGIS has been directed to assume command responsibility for investigation and response to related emergent threats, in particular those covered by Case Green Magic and Case Red Gamma.

As Provost Marshal of AEGIS, I am open to the possibility of working with capsuleers in an effort to secure the safety and prosperity of the New Eden cluster under the mandate I have been given.

At this time, my priority is to consult and co-ordinate with relevant authorities in the core empires and associated states. However, it is the policy of AEGIS to encourage all forms of intelligence gathering and analysis by lawful means.

As AEGIS policy is developed under our extended mandate, we will make further announcements and any invitations for co-operative action as appear useful and necessary.

Colonel Kasiha Valkanir,
Provost Marshal,


Oh, this is encouraging: a high-ranking CONCORD officer who doesn’t seem to loathe us too much to work with us constructively!