[News] CONCORD Inner Circle Meeting to Discuss Ship Disappearances, Colonel Valkanir Attending

As we all know CONCORD’s Inner Circle is reported to be meeting to discuss the recent spate of ship disappearances across a broad swathe of New Eden from the Aridia to Molden Heath regions.
During this meeting Colonel Kasiha Valkanir plans to present a report on those disappearances. We can sefely asume that the report will mention about the transcript released by CONCORD that part mentions something about boarding:

We’re being boarded. [redacted] infantry have breached our defences and are now attempting to…

Does the boarding involved only that one ship in Molden Heath or most of not all of the disappearances.
The source in this news article mentions something about countermeasures:

A single source, claiming familiarity with Colonel Valkanir’s areas of competence, has suggested that the DED officer will recommend new spacelane security measures for the regions bordering zero security space.

Elements within CONCORD want to implement a new spacelane security measures to prevent those boarding actions from the party that CONCORD has been unwilling to reveal yet.

How will this pan out we will see in the coming months.


It’ll be interesting to see what these ‘Spacelane security measures’ might be. It would also be nice if they just told us who these redacted infantry were, rather than stoking speculation as usual.


That will look like usual bureaucratic pace. Too slow. :disappointed:

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Elements within CONCORD want to implement a new spacelane security measure… in Molden Heath? In Lowsec, where CONCORD doesn’t patrol?

Just exactly what does CONCORD think a bunch of CONCORD security measures that wouldn’t be in the places where this is happening would do to prevent it from happening in those places where it IS happening (where CONCORD is not)?

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Lowsec is still empire space, which means it’s still under the oversight of CONCORD … them showing up, or not. From New Eden’s University galnet site …

Directive Enforcement Department (DED)

The police enforcement arm of CONCORD. DED has the responsibility of tracking down known criminals and attacking criminal facilities. They frequently operate outside empire space, wanting criminals to understand that they are nowhere safe from the long arm of the law.

So they’re still there, even outside of lowsec, and it’s not like they couldn’t declare all of lowsec highsec if they wanted to.

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No, it’s still under the oversight of the empires. The simple fact that CONCORD doesn’t actually do things there (regardless of what they say) is why it’s lowsec in the first place.

And if they were to simply ‘declare’ lowsec to be highsec, that would mean stretching their coverage thinner, requiring more of an operating budget, and probably piss off a number of the empires who already regularly chafe at having to participate in the song-and-dance routine they’ve created in CONCORD.


You seem to be misunderstanding the difference between “actively responding to capsuleer aggression” and “within their purview”. Nobody is questioning that CONCORD does not deploy a response force or lock down capsuleer systems when we’re flagged in low-security space.

But that hardly means that it is outside their realm of operations. I would remind you that CONCORD is an agency created for the stabilization of the empires and their baseliner populations; keeping us under control in the heartlands is only a portion of that. Spacelane patrol and safety measures extend far beyond rapid-response forces that handle capsuleer aggression in highsec.


And I’d remind you that there is no evidence of CONCORD activity beyond the edges of Highsec, beyond ‘they said so’.

Outside of highsec, their wardec system is irrelevant. Their standings system applies only as database entries, where they watch what you do, and make a note for what happens when you do come within the space they actually care about, or collect the rent for nullsec.

Let’s actually see them do something before we go believing them when they tell us they’re going to be doing something.


So the suspect flag isn’t punishment by CONCORD, but by the empires?

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The suspect flag is nothing outside of highsec. It is an entry in a database, as I said, and means nothing in space where anyone can already shoot you without repercussion.

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Oh I have a better one, actually …

You lose security status in lowsec for certain actions, and that’s because who punishes you for doing them?

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And the destruction of capital ship being transported from null sec without their consent does not count? ^^

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Seriously. Your ‘better one’ is literally the example of their ineffectiveness that I’d already given.

That destruction took place where? At whose hands? All CONCORD did was move them, with new experimental technology that should worry the hell out of everyone. Because once tech exists, people will find a way to get it. Do you want to see the Sansha able to pluck your ship out of known space into one of their conversion centers?


I was answering to this.

CONCORD can, have and will again act beyond the edge of HS.

the question of the tech in itself is an other question, and on this, I agree with you.

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I really can’t look at that as them ‘doing’ anything out there. It’s like saying that if you drain out a clogged sink by opening the pipe, you were in the sink. You just did something that temporarily affected that spot. But we can consider that an edge case, if you like. Let’s see if they do it consistently enough to consider it more than just a freak outlier.


Wow, you bitch a lot about this.

Maybe we should destroy all technology, because it could be used by people you think shouldn’t be using it!


Wait, so… because I answered you, I bitch a lot? Or is it because I pointed out that your second attempt was exactly the thing your first attempt was a response to? I mean, it’s a discussion. We respond to one another. If you object to people having a discussion… you’re free to not participate.

Well, let’s look at this for a moment.

First, I think there’s a legitimate case to be made about the idea that just because we can develop a technology, that doesn’t mean we automatically should. It’s not unreasonable to ask ‘are we, as a species, ready for this to be out there?’

Second, do you think the Sansha should have the ability to pluck your ship out of known space at a whim, and deliver it wherever they want, so they can stuff your head full of implants and make you part of the hive mind? I mean, if you don’t like me objecting to that idea, that’s fine I guess, but it sort of implies you’d be totally cool with everyone here getting made into drones.

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Well … I responded to your bitching, soooooo… :smiley:

I actually agree with you, but …

Usually when new technology is being discovered, there’s also a lot of research being done into developing counter-measures. Turrets were there before shields and bigger armor to protect from turrets. Target-locking gave birth to ECM. Improvements in tracking lead to the development of tracking disruptors.

I think you’re overreacting out of fear of the unknown.

Personally I am far more interested in what CONCORD is going to do about it and if it will be oppressive to capsuleers eventually.

Turrets (movable gun emplacements) do not pre-date building thicker walls (armor).

That doesn’t answer the question:

Because really, it’s not the unknown I worry about, it’s the known… cuz I know humanity is a fetid cesspit of vile, maladjusted hate and fear, always has been, and always will be. Wanna know what someone’ll do? Imagine the worst thing they could do, and prepare for that… then consider better options. You may not need all the preparations all the time, but the 70-80% of the time you do, you’ll have them.


So … Arrendis? I don’t know how I know this (though I can guess), but if you think CONCORD has no presence outside highsec you should try taking some work for the pirate factions.

For probably the same reason I also know that outside highsec, or at least in null, their ships are far more manageable, which probably says something about the nature of the tools the deploy to take down ciminal-flagged ships in highsec.

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