In_Game Questions Concord spy ^^

I’ve noticed for a long time, sometimes Concord looking at me.
I just became curious and think it must mean something?



Where are you there?

Jita i have no problem on standing or security status :slight_smile:

Does he follow you? An image really doesn’t communicate your experience.

We need a short story describing your experience! :smiley:

no can you see the beam of light form him to me? That’s the only thing he do. He does it with all ships in space…

Oh! Indeed!

Wait … what?



Why is no one else reporting this?

Not something you notice :slight_smile:
He did not target me up or do anything beyond that.

There must be some who can answer it :smile:

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Nothing suspicious. Police at gates scans ships’ cargo for contraband.


Ohh thanks for reply :open_hands: :ok_hand:

It’s a little fun made, because if I jump into a system with something illegal in cargo, concord would know it before I even get in and without scanning ships :sweat_smile:

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Why short, though?

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I thought only customs did that. WTH would concord be looking for?


Herzog’s right. Customs officers at the gate do it.
CONCORD does not do this.
It’s not their job at all.

Plus, we don’t even know if he’s at a gate.

The “short” might make it more likely he’ll post one.
Better a short story than no story.

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Well, OP doesnt show much of the UI…
OP probably entered Concord-owned system and has SS low enough to entice concord police to use all kinds of kinky stuff on his ship.

He said he’s in Jita …
… though to be fair he did edit out the system’s name for some reason.

Doesn’t seem like a troll though.
Wouldn’t make much sense.

Is not a troll post, same concord and system as last, but today they do not do it right now, They just fly around

You should file a ticket, with the screenshot as evidence.
You might get an answer, including “it’s just a bug”.

No matter the case, we want to know!

You have the power!

So what exactly would be the complaint? Cops searching without a warrant?

I’m not sure if you’re joking, but if you’re joking, then it’s not a bad one.

No, asking if it’s a bug or a feature.

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