[AEGRF] Aegis Reforged - Sov Nullsec PvP/PvE - looking to grow its ranks

Plenty of reds to shoot (and be shot at by, natch)!

Join today, and, you, too, may get to help pop capitals!

Growing slowly, still multiple daily PvP opportunities.

Doesn’t matter if you are new, returning, looking for something different, there’s a chance we have a home for you.

NA and EU TZs we have; heck, we even have Aus, thanks to our CEO! Come check us out.

Plenty of bang-bang, boom-boom, and pew-pew lately; great folks to have on your wing!

Still looking for good folks to shoot the ■■■■ while we shoot the ships.

Good people, good space, great PvP and PvE opportunities. Come have a chat today!

Looking to get your feet wet in PvP? Wanting to get away from the “l33t PvP” of highsec WarDecs? Interested in having access to lucrative combat anomalies and/or ore sites?

We offer all three and a growing community of folks that will welcome you; come check us out.

Well, life got a little more interesting this week; come join us and see why!

It’s an exciting time to live in nullsec; come on down and check us out!

We have fights and targets aplenty, and good people to participate in them with.

Giving as good as we get, if not better; give us a look and see if we’re what you’re looking for. Great group of folks, amazing opportunities.

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