After 20 years... "Welcoming Spanish-Speaking Capsuleers"

If only Solstice Projekt were still around. :wink:

lies …

Welcome amigos!

Let’s pull the data of total speakers:

Bringing those together gives the idea that the only obvious language was English all along, more speakers and in the richest countries there are many people who can speak English.

These languages make sense to me: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. In the other hand Korean has so little speakers, but they are very present in EVE nowdays, which is really nice and they have money for that sweet PLEX.

Obviously there’s other factors like the laws in that country, government interference, freedom, wealth distribution etc.

great idea

Anybody who speaks Portuguese can just as well speak Spanish. Practically the same thing!

its very similar
but i find easier to understand english than Spanish
that said i think the learning process would be really fast

in brasil we think all of us hablan un poquito de portunhol :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the perfect opportunity for me to put my first grade level Spanish on display.

Hola amigos, yo tambien creo que este es magnifico.

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i know spanish too!

Yo no hable espanol!

Qual es el bano?

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  • poor CCP…after 20 long years they earn money to contract one guy to do a spanish localization…

(Hey CCP, you need increase your month price…are to low :stuck_out_tongue: )