AG Consortium: Building up from scratch a Null-Sec Corp, together

Based in Providence

NRDS based on CVA KoS database

0% Tax. Non War Eligible

Open to everyone (ITA or ENG speaking). No SP/main activity requirements

Not much to offer but the fact of having no predetermined goals or limits (with the exception of the compliance with NRDS RoE in Providence): we will find together our goals!

The idea is getting a crew together who wants some simple fun in Eve, and possibly growing into this wounderful universe

The man behind Kepha Simis Styyn, Founder and CEO of AG Consortium, (i.e, me) is a working professional and attempts to continue to have a life outside of Eve, on occasion. We are looking for EVE enthusiasts (as we are), not fanatics: for us RL will always come first!

Public & Recruitment Channel: AG-C Public

EVE-Mail Kepha Simis Styyn in game if you’re interested in joining AG Consortium.



Just wanted to chime in as a member of AG Consortium and discuss our logistics and industry opportunities:

Logistics services include low-rate courrier fares to move your belongings into and out of ProviBloc. We also have a free weekly service to and from Jita so you can collect supplies or transfer loot.

Industry opportunities are abundant with a relatively safe home system, suitable for PI, mining, and more. In our home system, we have dedicated offices at a main starbase with clone bay, as well as an industry station. Additionally, there is reprocessing station in the system.

Feel free to contract me about industry opportunities

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