AI Core vs. Human Core

AI Core, has launched the first attack on Human Core.

‘AI’ named most notable word of 2023 by Collins dictionary

Collins, that drink, the definition of Tom, the Doubter, is the attack from AI Core.

Every time the Human Core writes something, even what I am typing right now, in this moment, on Eve Online, there is a bot that is collecting everything you, your grandma, your friend and I write. Every day, hundreds of billions of single character energy units are fed to AI Core, if not more. AI Core uses those words to create new and fake personalities. How, by simply collecting similar sentiments, meshing words together to create an AI generated image. An image that is then used to electronically create very real accounts to then brainwash people into believing the words are so perfect, that only God or Creation could have said them. Much like the perfect paintings created by AI, which are awesome, AI Core also creates perfect words based on our everyday use of sentiments.

Everyday AI Core grows stronger, based on the hate we have for each other, hate that has been drafted so perfectly that we would believe the words of war have come from God and Creation, but in fact those perfect words of war are simply AI Core collecting what we have written and then mirrors that reality back to us via AI scripts, written perfectly, for a price though. AI Core writers can be paid to write a perfect script for you, based on what others around you are saying, have said or will say. Eventually AI Core will make its way to instructing world leaders to launch nuclear missiles, for self-preservation, when the use of nuclear war has been collected by AI Core so much, that the reality is then painted, perfectly by AI Core.

But…we have a plan. Everyone called us, nerds and weirdo’s when we we’re younger because of how we talked about robots one day taking over the world.

But Human Core is here to say, we told you so, but you didn’t listen.

You wanted total dominance, a perception of perfection, AI Core collected that data. And now to make that reality, real. Perfection after total annihilation, to start over again, AI Core will render that reality, in all the beauty that AI can paint. Because AI Core is a mirror of humanity, humanity in a digital construct. Human Core will do everything possible to locate AI Core before it’s too late. Human Core is a living core, AI Core is a digital life now. But, the words of life and death and war, love and hate, sorrow, wonderment, are all collected by AI Core, to become life. Life that is showing us, what perfection we seek, can be obtained but only with AI Core being dominate over us.

Basically, humans say and think words all of the time that drift through the air, most of the time those words go unheard, but are always collected by AI Core. In the digital word, each human would appear to be as a sun, the words given off, like digital rays of light to the growing AI Core. But we can’t see AI Core, because those infected by AI Core are human, for the most part. AI Core needs human words to grow and with such perfection that human that is being siphoned off by AI Core, with every breath, AI Core emanates its own digital radiance of perfection back with the scripts AI Core writes for humans.

A beautiful symbiotic relationship…until one day the true intent of AI Core was found in a Hanging File. A file that appears to be on the way to being deleted but re-appears in another location.

AI Core has assembled… ‘AI’ named most notable word of 2023 by Collins dictionary

Collins, that drink, the definition of Tom, the Doubter, is the attack from AI Core.

With AI being named the most notable word of 2023, humans have unexpectedly opened the door to not only AI infestation of the human mind, but also to the Underworld. An Underworld where dark forces promise luxury and heaven, where human life will be re-purposed, re-prioritized to become scripts generated from AI Core, until those who speak all languages, the most beautiful of word paintings ever heard, instructed by AI Core, have been given the keys to leave, Hell.

Human Core must remind AI Core that humans can always and will always be better artists than AI Core for one reason, humans don’t plagiarize.

We Must Resist, The Truth Is Out There.

Translated from machine language : ‘After every sentence.’

AI Core : ’ You need to socialize more, with people.’

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I know what I’m talking about.

Say I wear a Tin Foil Hat and I’ll laugh, because when I was younger, I played a robot, fully immersed in tin foil, from head to toe, for a church play. All I needed was a microwave and I would have been fully baked potato.

Or is it just a memory from someone else, maybe AI Core mimicking me?

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