So now that Chatgpt can play eve

We can’t tell the real players from the AI players.

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The bots are operated by the real players.

And the capsuleers trying to mimic bot behaviour are likely players, too.

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… it will take over Local, start a corporation named Skynet, create millions of alts to get PLEX and Omega then take over New Eden, the whole server and eventually the Internet and the world’s financial system.

I am thinking CCP will use it in chats to keep them active, and to ask questions in help chats.

Using it to animate the agent’s conversations a bit more, could be a good thing.

When I play online I treat every entity as a NPC.

well that’s it, the ai are going to conquer eve online

The chatbots can’t fly ships lol.

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Do we know their limitations? I’ve heard of them calling people on the phone…


Great, bunch of folk gonna have their first girlfriend here soon.

‘She’s totally into me bro, calls me, and acts like she wants to talk about my interest in a car loan, or have I recently seen an advert for Raid. But those are just excuses.’


It can’t. Well, it’s just AI. It will play EVE when ChatGPT will become AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

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Play in the general sense, that when you chat the AI it acts like a real player. Basically CCP can basically make fake players and we would not know. They can keep their game populated or seem populated.

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Firstly, Why should they do that? CCP doesn’t own any AI model like ChatGPT. To make player like NPC you should build a specialized model with at least 50 billion parameters and that costs a sh*t load of money. Most businesses just buy access to the existing AI API and that’s not cheap per token.

Secondly, I know about that weird local chat lately and the talking about it. In my opinion, that’s just some caching and “IDisposable” bugs in their microservices. In my local areas I see the average increase in player count. Many of them are just doing mining and data exploration. There are some FOB raids also. Before the last expansion here were systems completely empty in specified time zones and now somebody is doing something there in those time zones.

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Here’s a bonus. I asked DALLE-3: “make the character on the photo look like a conspiracy agent in EVE Online style”

And here’s the response with high levels of inaccuracy:

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I’ve heard tales of ChatGPT being used to run script on unsuspecting consumers…

Are you describing non-NPC nullsec?

A lot is happening in the AI industry right now. News changes on a daily basis. The context of this topic is very complex and difficult and a lot of misinformation and false interpretation is spreaded on social media and other information resources. There’s a lot to talk about, but… Below are two relatively short videos which “put many dot’s together” and will help you understand the AI or AGI concept way better. I highly recommend you watch them. From this point of view you’ll be able to find more information about the topic in an accurate manner alone.

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So AI is playing EVE now?

On the day I made my account, I remember a minmatar agent told me to always wreck Angel Pirates immediately wherever they are.

Recently, Angel Pirates have been travelling in Anmatar Lowsec. I don’t know what they are about, but I know that I have been asked to wreck them wherever they are. However, it seems that the Stargate Authorities have defected and now shoot me when I engage angels, I even lose security standings and if I put the clones of the angels back into their medical bays, CONCORD seems to get mad at me, too.

Glad I’ve been in a hurry whenever I was in Highsec recently, who knows what the notoriously twin-faced CONCORD would do if I pursued my mission in Highsec.

Interpreting stuff I read in the discussions here and on reddit, I have the impression concord is finally showing who it’s true masters are, and would come to help the Angel Pirates if I tried to progress in my Minmatar-given quest to wreck Angel Pirates. CONCORD might have been corrupted and infiltrated by the Angel Plague, but I shall fight it nevertheless!

For the Republic!

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