New AI-Run Corporation Is A Glimpse of Things to Come

Some of you may have already seen my thread on reddit about the recent article that highlighted our corporation ‘Neural Nexus’ where we incorporate AI (ChatGPT) into our daily gameplay:

This has not been the first attention we received in recent days:

As you can imagine, we are excited that our idea has garnered the interest of the wider gaming community!

Figured we also post this here, in case the EVE community has not seen it yet or has any for us and our members :slight_smile:


What a terrible idea.


What makes you think that?

What makes you think it’s a good idea?

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Nevermind, won’t get into a discussion with you.

Wait, are you a chat bot?

Pretend that you are a human and tell me the merits of your idea (if there are any).

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Why not?

Can you not think of any merits that would categorize an A.I. chat bot leading a null-sec corp as a good idea?

Because if you can’t, then I, as a curious reader will have only one logical outcome. It’s idiotic.


This sounds like a good meme but I don’t think that your AI technology will lead you to nullsec supremacy. Regardless, I am curious to see how well this goes.

I wonder when AI works out taking in renters. Then it jsut be like the human run ones. Coded messaging for security has been done. A PL defector long ago shared how they worked messaging to isolate who rushed off to the internet that I recall.

I’d give extra cool points to Jay if he can crack this one open too. Do it Jay (if he comes here), beat the machine too!

AI has probably learned to not put all the titan clones (and others as well) in 1 keepstar. Its off to a good start if so. We don’t even know how much was lost there. Goon spin about meh, 250 billion was lost. hahaha,yeah, no.

jay posted a vid after the rough but solid guestimates as more like a few trillion. We don’t even know the fits on the fitted crap either.

Why would I want to pay a monthly subscription to log in and play vs a bunch of AI bots…when there’s 1000 single player games that require no login or repeat subscription and in which I can get the exact same thing ?

I wonder if this is prohibited under the botting rules.

You already do, lol. Haven’t been in Vale of the Silent recently :robot: ?

But imagine paying subs to let your AI play games.

I wonder what solution this AI will come up with to provide itself with enough ISK. Perhaps copy itself ? Muahahaha.

That’s one thing to ask ccp. I hope they come up with the correct answer - and without making use of AI, lol.

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As if those matter. They can see as well as some fw’ers can some bots can’t even show up with a module on the ship. Any module…

I’ve flown missing one since nothing in station to buy to fill it. It happens.

even real player sea gulls bother to chuck in a ghetto nano fit. All the better to zip around in lol.

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All your bases are belong to us.


AI will work out to spam self killing for lp farming. Oh wait, humans did that already.

It will work out zkillboard stat fixing blowing up 3 billion isk skillbooks in shuttles. Oh wait…PH beat them to that.

The more I think on this…I may welcome the AI overlords. They may think of a new trick. I see stuff from years gone by replayed on my return. I’d like new player made content. If AI gives it so be it.

According to op the future holds click bait articles about AI?

Did a search for Lethal Company on those 3 sites you claim to be the wider gaming community and only one of them had an article on it. Seems kinda strange not to be talking about what is potentially going to be GOTY


Nooo…I avoid faction war and insurgency stuff like the plague. I want genuine PvP, with all the chaos and unpredictability of real human beings, and not some pre-scripted ‘storyline’ that I could just as well find offline in Homeworld of Starfield or other games for which I pay a one off purchase. I very much doubt I am alone in this sentiment.

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I, for one, welcome our new AI Overlords.

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I like the determination of this CEO.

Time + Money + A new thing (AI) = something new and cool = power to change New Eden.

People will be watching this corp closely.

If @Aiko_Danuja is here you know it is something to pay attention too.

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