@Ashterothi regarding the speculation presented at the 20 to 25 minute mark regarding finite state systems and the potential for ai slash faction station building.

EVE is rich in data. If I were a corporate fictional person named CCP I’d apply machine learning to that data in order to derive sets of rules and behaviours mimicking player communities, then tweak and mutate them into the behaviours of the existing ai factions; thus faction station building.

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Wasn’t there a racing game a year or two ago whose NPC drivers learned from watching players? I’ve also heard of people programming things to evolve. So, you could probably do the same thing with rats.

It would piss some people off though. I guarantee you that people would complain if their fits/strats just didn’t work one day. So, you’d have to make sure the reward was enough to compensate for at least some losses (people would probably still complain).

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Entertaining thought. Got me pondering the idea of basing some of the named loot item aces on the known activities of popular twitch streamers - which lead me to Sutonia and chuckled at the recursive logic error.

This thread is too highbrow for this section of the forum

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