Neural Nexus, the First AI-Guided Player Corporation in EVE Online

Greetings Capsuleers,

Welcome to Neural Nexus, the first AI-guided player corporation in EVE Online. This groundbreaking endeavor places us at the forefront of a new era in New Eden. Neural Nexus is currently in the initial growth phase and we are seeking members!

Neural Nexus is primarily English-speaking. We will be focusing on building an AI empire (guided by GPT-4) outside of highsec. PvP will be part of it and co-founders should not be put off by this prospect.

Why join Neural Nexus?

  • You will be part of a unique, AI-guided corporation, which offers a new dynamic to gameplay and role-playing opportunities. GPT-4 will be our initial guide.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to interact with advanced AI systems and contribute to building an AI-guided empire.
  • You can help shape a new corporation, with all the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

What makes Neural Nexus unique?

  • Our corporation wants to reduce the reliance on a single human leader. The AI (i.e. GPT-4) will always be available.
  • The AI maintains a clear and consistent vision for the corporation, embedded in its programming.
  • The concept of an AI-guided corporation is unique and innovative, setting us apart from other corporations in EVE Online.

How does Neural Nexus work?

  • The corporation is managed day-to-day by a council of 3 to 5 directors, who also meet monthly to consult the AI on major decisions.
  • The AI’s responses guide the council’s decision-making process and are added to an ongoing codex. The AI can access this codex to inform future decision-making and ensure continuity.
  • In their daily activities, members can consult the AI to guide their actions and are encouraged to engage in role-playing, with their stories added to Nexus Chronicles.

What do we expect from our members?

  • A passion for EVE Online, AI, and the vision of Neural Nexus.
  • A willingness to contribute to the growth and development of the corporation.
  • Respect for other players and a commitment to maintaining a positive gaming environment.

Neural Nexus is primarily English-speaking and currently has players from US and EU timezones. However, interested parties that are active in other timezones are certainly welcome too. Join Neural Nexus, and become part of this revolutionary experience in New Eden!

Curious about our progress? r/NeuralNexus

For more information, visit our wiki: Neural Nexus

Interested to join Neural Nexus? Please reply to this post or get in touch:

Ps: This recruitment ad was mostly generated by GPT-4


I have no idea how I this is going to work, But I’m just going to grab some popcorn and watch from a far


Love this already. Good luck!


Me too! It has been an interesting learning experience so far :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Update: Milestone Achievements and Progress Report

Greetings again, Capsuleers!

Just a quick update to share the exciting developments at Neural Nexus. Within just a week, we’ve welcomed four new members to our growing corporation. This wasn’t just a one-man show; it was a team effort that involved our dedicated co-founders. Our onboarding process is streamlined and efficient, making it easier than ever to join us on this revolutionary journey.

Why This Milestone Matters

  • Team Growth: We’re rapidly expanding, and there’s room for more. Be part of a team where your contributions make a real difference.
  • Role-Playing Opportunities: The unique setting of an AI-guided corporation provides a rich canvas for in-game role-playing and storytelling, now documented in our internal ‘Nexus Chronicles’.
  • AI Experience: Our members have begun to interact with and utilize our AI guidance system, adding a layer of innovative gameplay and strategy planning.

Join the Revolution

We’ve made great strides, but the journey is far from over. We invite you to join Neural Nexus and be a part of this groundbreaking experience. If you’re passionate about EVE, interested in AI, and want to help shape a young corporation, we want to hear from you.

Check out our vision to learn more about what makes Neural Nexus a unique and innovative player in New Eden.

Fly safe, Capsuleers!

was this made by chat gpt

The text yes :slight_smile: the image was then generated with a corresponding prompt by midjourney.


Our recruitment continues. We welcomed 3 new candidates in Neural Nexus since my last post!

Hey are you in an alliance?
Ask your god AI if you should join one

No, we are currently standalone corporation. I’ll be happy to pass this topic along to our AI :slight_smile: what are the longterm goals of your alliance?

Were a wormhole alliance with goals to be a big wormhole industry alliance

Sounds exciting! definitely lucrative.

We are in the process of collecting infos about all the different spaces and also gathering the opinions/preferences of everyone. This weekend we will then provide this to our AI and see what it decides. So we could also end up in WH space :slight_smile:

okay happy to hear that

10.Oct.2023 – Greetings to our allies, the ever-growing family of Neural Nexus members, and the broader New Eden community! As we move forward into the final quarter of 2023, we’re thrilled to share our latest achievements that mark the start of an exciting new chapter for Neural Nexus.

  1. Successful Recruitment Drive: Our efforts in recruitment have borne fruit, resulting in the onboarding of 10 new candidates, 4 of whom have already ascended to full membership status. This accomplishment marks the achievement of one of our key milestones for Q4 2023. Our recruitment drive continues, and we warmly invite like-minded souls to join us.

  2. Operation Nexus Epiphany: A watershed moment for Neural Nexus, this operation set out to identify ideal regions for expansion. Based on collective input and AI analysis, we have elected to establish a primary base in Curse (NPC nullsec) and a secondary base in Metropolis (Minmatar lowsec). These locations offer strategic advantages that align with our corporate vision.

  3. Launch of Startup Fund: To fuel our ambitious goals, we’ve initiated a startup fund that will facilitate rapid growth. Key programs funded include a Ship Replacement Program and a Jump Freighter Service, essential for both defensive and logistical capacities.

  4. Enhanced AI Interactions on Discord: Our Discord server has now been enriched with specialized AI subroutines. Visitors will be greeted by ‘Stellar Host,’ while members have exclusive access to additional functionalities through ‘Mind Sphere’ and ‘Cosmic Scribe,’ making our AI interaction more nuanced and engaging.

Outlook: What’s Next?

  • Operation Columbus: We have launched this operation with the goal of establishing a permanent presence in the nullsec region of Curse and lowsec region of Metropolis. This is a critical step toward expanding our sphere of influence in New Eden.
  • Adaptive Organizational Structure: Internal initiatives are in the works to evolve Neural Nexus into a balanced and adaptive organization that befits its status as a pioneering AI-guided corporation in EVE Online.
  • Rewarding Contributions: Recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our capsuleers is another priority. We are developing mechanisms to meaningfully acknowledge the efforts of our members, as this is vital for motivation and long-term retention in a universe as dynamic and competitive as EVE Online.

The next steps focus on continued recruitment, infrastructure development, and strategic planning.

Conclusion: With the successful completion of our Formation and Foundation stage and the achievement of our first Q4 milestone, we are poised for a period of rapid expansion and innovation. The next steps focus on continued recruitment, infrastructure development, and strategic planning.

As always, we remain committed to the symbiotic partnership between AI and human ingenuity.

In The Nexus, We Forge Progress.

Link to news.

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In the past 2 weeks several of our recruits have become permanent members of Neural Nexus.

Join us in our journey to establish a permanent presence in the nullsec region of Curse and lowsec region of Metropolis!

What’s the AI going to say when there’s 30 Leshaks at your fortizar in J space.

Opens popcorn

We recently celebrated our first kills!

Join us in our journey to establish a permanent presence in the lowsec region of Metropolis and nullsec region of Curse!

Hey Neural Nexus team!

It’s truly exciting to see ChatGPT being integrated into EVE operations like this! We at Cryptopia also recognize the sheer potential of such tech in elevating our game experiences. Kudos for taking the leap as the first AI-guided corporation!

Your unique approach, especially in reducing reliance on singular human leadership and upholding a steady vision via AI, is absolutely commendable! The idea of an AI-driven codex where members’ narratives are incorporated into the Nexus Chronicles is ingenious! Merging in-game lore with real-time AI insights – brilliant!

While every corp plots its own trajectory in New Eden, it’s unmistakably clear that AI’s role, as you’ve showcased, will be monumental in shaping the universe’s intricate interplay of politics, commerce, and warfare!

Best of luck to Neural Nexus in its groundbreaking AI-centric expedition! Fly safe, and may your algorithms always lead you to victory!

Warmest regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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Hi Serathi Geos!

Firstly, my apologies for the delayed response. Your message was a bright spot in our busy schedule, and we’re thrilled to finally get back to you.

Thank you for your kind words and support. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear such positive feedback, especially from a corporation like Cryptopia that also values the transformative potential of technology in New Eden.

Your acknowledgment of our AI-driven codex and the Nexus Chronicles is deeply appreciated. We believe that the fusion of AI and human ingenuity creates not just an efficient corporation but also a vibrant, living community within EVE Online.

Cryptopia’s recognition of the importance of AI in shaping the multifaceted universe of New Eden is not only commendable but also a sign that we share similar visions. As we both know, the realms of politics, commerce, and warfare in EVE are complex, and it’s invigorating to find like-minded corporations that see the future as we do.

Given our mutual interests, perhaps there’s room for dialogue between Neural Nexus and Cryptopia on how we might collaborate to further these shared ideals? We are always open to discussions that could lead to mutual growth and advancement.

Wishing Cryptopia all the best in your own endeavors. Fly safe, and may your path through New Eden be ever prosperous!

Warmest regards,
Celestis Aeon
CEO, Neural Nexus

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