Neural Nexus, the First AI-Guided Player Corporation in EVE Online – Co-Founders Wanted

Greetings Capsuleers,

Welcome to Neural Nexus, the first AI-guided player corporation in EVE Online. This groundbreaking endeavor places us at the forefront of a new era in New Eden. Neural Nexus is currently in the initiation phase and I am seeking co-founders!

Neural Nexus is primarily English-speaking. We will be focusing on building an AI empire (guided by GPT-4) outside of highsec. PvP will be part of it and co-founders should not be put off by this prospect.

Why join Neural Nexus?

  • You will be part of a unique, AI-guided corporation, which offers a new dynamic to gameplay and role-playing opportunities. GPT4 will be our initial guide.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to interact with advanced AI systems and contribute to building an AI-guided empire.
  • You can help shape a new corporation, with all the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

What makes Neural Nexus unique?

  • Our corporation wants to reduce the reliance on a single human leader. The AI (i.e. GPT-4) will always be available.
  • The AI maintains a clear and consistent vision for the corporation, embedded in its programming.
  • The concept of an AI-guided corporation is unique and innovative, setting us apart from other corporations in EVE Online.

How does Neural Nexus work?

  • The corporation is managed day-to-day by a council of 3 to 5 directors, who also meet monthly to consult the AI on major decisions.
  • The AI’s responses guide the council’s decision-making process and are added to an ongoing codex. The AI can access this codex to inform future decision-making and ensure continuity.
  • In their daily activities, members can consult the AI to guide their actions and are encouraged to engage in role-playing, with their stories potentially added to a collection book.

What do we expect from our co-founders?

  • A passion for EVE Online, AI, and the vision of Neural Nexus.
  • A willingness to contribute to the growth and development of the corporation.
  • Respect for other players and a commitment to maintaining a positive gaming environment.

Neural Nexus is primarily English-speaking and will initially operate in the EU time zone. However, interested parties that are active in other time zones are certainly welcome too. Join Neural Nexus, and become part of this revolutionary experience in New Eden!

For more information, have a look at the summary: Neural Nexus - Public - Google Slides

Interested to join Neural Nexus as a co-founder? Please reply to this post or get in touch:

  • Ingame - Channel “Neural Nexus” or mail to “Celestis Aeon”
  • Discord - Neural Nexus or DM to syntheticexplorer

Ps: This recruitment ad was mostly generated by GPT-4

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Still looking for co-founders!

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