ChatGPT Algorythm To Lead Corporation/Empire

I read an article on EO’s FB page about ChatGPT being used to lead a corp.

Nope, the corporation using ChatGPT is in fact a bot corporation and is in violation of Eve Onlines EULA that pertains to any type of program that artificially influences game play.

There is too much hype surrounding AI and if you read an article about AI playing EVE online its just that.

If you see a video of an actual AI playing we can talk

I think excel has that crown already. and it even became a part of eve…officially.

If you’d like to think 0.0 doesn’t do its drama off of excel numbers…may I interest you in some NY real estate I need to move. A historic piece of Brooklyn could be yours!

I’d not be surprised if some even use M$ BI (business intelligence) stuff as well once the excel spreadsheets are input lol.