Using Chatgpt for Ship Building

Has anyone tried to use Chatgpt to build a ship yet?

How can Chatgpt be incorporated into Eve Online?

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It kinda sounds like you’re saying running a bot program for EVE is too much trouble, so could we please get a bot program that runs our bot program for us?

I think it’s more a case of him outing random verbal diarrhoea, per usual.

Yes, outcome was reasonable sounding garbage. Remember, ChatGPT can only compose texts based on word probabilities from known sources, it has no sense of meaning or facts/reality.


For sure

Mixed results, though.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yes. Chat-GPT didn’t finish EVE University course even :slight_smile:

Good question. I’ll show you an example soon via a new thread… :upside_down_face:

I think you vastly misunderstand how Ai works and make wild assumptions based on your imagination.

I tried to get ChatGPT-4 but couldn’t find the app. The free versions are all cheap knockoffs and ChatGPT-3 only has 3000 words and isn’t that smart at all, let alone intelligent.
I don’t think “the future is now” concerning A.I, not for the general public anyway.
And to get A.I to help with fitting it would need information that only CCP has.
Good luck on that.

You can talk to the ChatGPT version in EvE discord … if it is still enabled. Discord

My opinion about all of this is, that ChatGPT is pseudo-intelligent, it simulates intelligence without actually being it. It creates content based on what we assume content should look like, look like, not more, whether it’s true or false doesn’t matter. These are real life concepts not part of it.

Also I think that’s why it can’t actually create something truly new, only variations of what existed before. This is of course not a small threat, professions like lawyers, ad designers, ghost writers, some artists, counselors, maybe even teachers will be in “danger” of being supplemented or replaced by AI to some extend.

Humans will be superior in many ways in the time to come, but the entry barrier for some professions will rise. Also we could see usages of AI where it is not suited for, but is used anyway for cost reasons, a 90% fit for zero cost is better than a 100% fit which costs a salary.


Why ive been out of the game (covid and other real :face_with_thermometer:) i did try chat GPT, i asked it to think up an eve corporations with a list of 5 name to chose from, write a recruitment advert, a propaganda article, a training program and fleet doctrine.

All went ok untill it got to the ship fittings, it was giving some ships way to many slots but it understood about sniper and dps and tank, even trying to fit logi and electronic Warfare into the mix. It didn’t seem to really understand eve fleet tactics, the setups probably be more suitable for naval Warfare in real.

But it was interesting and im sure if you asked the right questions it would improve.

The upside it answered all my questions in about 30 seconds, giving me a history and a story to a fictitious adventure in eve.

Btw it made me a great warrior Who Conquered the Galaxy. I couldn’t stop it doing that but maybe that was down to the question i asked.

Very true, someone not knowing eve would look at the answers it provided me and thought it all looks great and this is how eve works.


Its answer to autopilot, freighters, high sec and safety why watching Netflix was good, so after giving me a lecture on why its a bad idea i asked -

Me: So really just don’t be an idiot

GPT: Yes, that’s a good way to put it. Being aware of the risks and taking appropriate measures to mitigate them is an important aspect of playing EVE Online, especially when it comes to transporting valuable goods. It’s important to be cautious and avoid taking unnecessary risks, such as using autopilot in a freighter or multitasking while piloting. By staying vigilant and taking the necessary precautions, you can increase your chances of successfully transporting your goods while minimizing the risk of losing them to other players


Thank you Githany.

I saw some incursion friends use it for creating ships. The AI doesn’t know the specific niches of modules to actually give an accurate recommendation.

Yup, it just scrapes info doing google searches just like the rest of us.

I’d say it could do basic fits better than many new player, times i tried, it got weapons configuration right the tank was correct,better than many fits on zkill, maybe we should let it play eve and see.

I wonder if it’s ok under the ccp rules to let an AI play and we act out its commands with it making all the decisions.
It would be like reverse botting :thinking:

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If a human makes the input then don’t see the issue, you could follow a video tutorial and it would be the exact same it is still the player that plays the game not a bot.


Fits depend on circumstance, use and chosen tactics. A fit that works well for one use doesn’t work well for another. A low sec FW frigate fit won’t work in null, one that is designed for solo pvp won’t work well as a tackler. One that is designed to deal with one (type of) ship might not work well vs another. A fit that is designed to be a kiter won’t work as a brawler.

That means there are two options:

  • one completely specifies use, scenario and tactic and somehow AI finds the exact right answer

  • one doesn’t really actually know much about fits, either because they’re new (fully understandable) or because they’re clueless doing the “one fit fits all” and “I tell newbies to use my afk null anom fit for lvl 2 missions” idiocy. They won’t even realise or notice that the AI is churning out nonsense

Out of those two options one of them is FAR more likely than the other. Especially because the people who are less likely to run in to this… wouldn’t use AI for this in the first place.

It won’t work.

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Someone in my alliance tried to get it to give him a Phoenix fit and it ended up with like 6 guns fit. ChatGPT is not gonna theorycraft the new fleet meta anytime soon.


Yeah… except for the most successful hauler I know making 600 to a bil a day is doing exactly that. Also, if you have a hauling permit… what then? People are so easily mislead when they want to be. This conversation is idiotic.

Thats nice