I asked ChatGPT about intergration with EVE

So I recently came back to EVE after a few years away dealing with personal life crap, and as I am currently jumping across New Eden to pick up some stuff, I decided to log into ChatGPT and have a discusion with the AI. I decided to ask:
“Would you be able to create a program that allows AI to assist players in games like EVE so that would could become more tuned into the games storyline regarding the clones and the intergration of humans with cybernetic systems?”

Here is the response:

"As an AI language model, I do not have the ability to create software or programs on my own, but I can provide some perspectives on the feasibility of creating an AI assistant for a game like EVE Online.

In theory, it is possible to create an AI assistant that could help players better understand and engage with the game’s storyline and lore. This could involve analyzing player behavior and in-game events to make personalized recommendations for missions, quests, or activities that align with the player’s interests and goals. The AI assistant could also provide information and context about the game’s backstory and characters, helping players to better understand and appreciate the game’s narrative.

However, creating an AI assistant for a complex and constantly evolving game like EVE Online would be a significant technical challenge. It would require sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models to analyze player behavior and make personalized recommendations. It would also require ongoing updates and maintenance to keep up with changes and updates to the game.

Additionally, creating an AI assistant for a game like EVE Online raises ethical and practical concerns about the role of AI in gaming. For example, some players may feel that an AI assistant takes away from the immersive and exploratory aspects of the game, or that it gives some players an unfair advantage over others. It would be important to consider these concerns and develop the AI assistant in a way that is respectful of players’ autonomy and agency.

In summary, while it is technically possible to create an AI assistant for a game like EVE Online, it would be a significant technical and ethical challenge. It would require sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models, ongoing updates and maintenance, and careful consideration of ethical concerns."

Is there any development within the EVE community or CCP regarding AI integration, and would it even be feasable to consider the possibility?

If it’s not intelligent, is it actually AI?

That is a good question. what constitutes intelligence?

I’ll tutor you for 1 billion isk.

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sorry, I don’t entertain the peasantry :slight_smile:

Why? Humans are perfectly capable of comprehending what other humans have imagined and written. The lore and storylines in any game were created by humans for other humans. If anything, a fake -sorry- “artificial” intelligence based on computed data handling would only be a hindrance based on artifice:


  1. clever or cunning devices or expedients, especially as used to trick or deceive others.


The human brain is perfectly capable of doing that on its own.

Fifie vs Skynet


It is public knowledge that the Chinese EVE community is leading the way as far as AI integrated gameplay is concerned.


Id rather believe this post was made using AI and for the purpose of advertising it than to believe people can be so ridiculous. I see monkeys playing with poop and showing it to me, then wondering why im not excited.

Poop flinging is one of the major activities in nullsec. In fact some of those players love it so much that they even travel to Iceland to be monsterdumptrucked with “the greatest content update ever”.

AI just scrapes info from google searches like the rest of us… Until the AI can actually learn about the specific meta within a game such as ship fitting or the optimal items to trade it’s not smart. Only thing it can do is help us find information faster/curate it.

I remember back in middle school my math teacher said something along the lines, “A calculator is only as smart as the person putting in the numbers.”

AI will not make you play the game better. AI will not help you PVP better.

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The problem with AI is that one has to question whether it truly understands stuff or is just giving some rote response that is complex enough to fool people. John Searle’s infamous ‘Chinese Room’ experiment deals with the deep issue of whether machines can ever really ‘understand’ the information they have. And it is an important matter because the rote learning and mechanics may fall over at some point and actually demonstrate that the machine doesn’t really have a clue. And one does not want that if it is handling anything important.

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What about Aura?

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