AIR Career Program-Electronic Warfare

what is needed to get 300 seconds?I’ve tried everything to do this and I’m not getting anything?

fit, target, lock, and activate the following modules:
tracking disruptor i
stasis webifier i
warp scrambler i
warp disruptor i
target painter i

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Of course you can use meta versions of these modules as well.
I remember the tracking disruptor task was the hardest for me because the others are on several of my PvP ships while I had to fit a disruptor Arbitrator and tried some ESS sites.

Looks like I also could refit my Sentinel.

I used it all but no results! the result is always 0/300!

you are probably using it on NPC ships. the objectives read e.g. “Weapon Disrupt Capsuleer ships for 300 seconds”. duels count

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yes, i used it on npc, thanks you very much

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