AIR Laboratories - New NPE Starter Stations

AIR Laboratories
(Association for Interdisciplinary Research Outpost)

Just like the title states, new NPE Starter Stations in the Starter Systems. I had to pick up a market item in one of the stations and figured I’d share these screenshots.

These stations are a new design with a new look, both interior and exterior. If you haven’t seen them yet, they’re definitely worth checking out at least once just for the visuals.

I think it looks pretty cool and they even have an extra effect added, the pad under your ship drops down when you undock from the station.

Front view

Left view

Back view

Right view

Front view 45* zoomed out

Top view zoomed out

Front view

Front view 45* undocking


They look great, are these stations in every starting system?

I should pay them a visit sometime!

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Yeah, they’re in all the starter systems, the AIR Station is where all new players start from now.

I just went to that one station to pick up a market item, I don’t know if they all look the same or not… I’m thinking they probably do.

Pretty cool artwork, thanks for sharing this.

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I went through it my first day just recently ( lol )
It was awesome. I looked back at the station when I undocked and literally went WOW!
It’s a nice way to start a game.
Thank you Devs.


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I wish some funtionality of these stations house of AIR Academy . House of the captains and training officers .yes i am talking about CCP ‘ s own training academy where they focus on training and acclimating new pilots of new eden… an independent integration facility.
In core training pilots not to direction of the profit and priorities of the corporation… as we can see this pattern in many player made academies of null and some theme corps…

But have more player on focus training, multi dimentional, optimised and set focus on individual needs and preferences.

Where pilots can explore new eden meanwhile exploring their own strengths and weaknesses what they enjoy most , figure out their own ways without under preassure of fitting in some expectations of coroprations needs.

An enviroment where also they can find oportunities to cooperation of other entities of new eden in events and fleets training sessions gives them chance to meet other player made content and entities.

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I recently had a level3 transport mission that took me to such a station. I was also amazed because I had not seen that until now. But it looks good, I like the design quite well.

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Neat. I approve. Kinda reminiscent of Jita 4-4. Well, at least the lighting.

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I randomly ended up in one the other week due to dinner ready in the middle of a 50 jump trip. I found it pretty nice to look at. Unlike you, though, I didn’t bother looking into what it was and why I’d never seen one before.

Thanks for the info.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Now if only we could select which station interior we wanted while anchoring citadels…


Indeed, they are very nice looking stations.


Hi @AIR_Kado, do you have such a station yourself as well? Assuming you’re part of the Association for Interdisciplinary Research.

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