CCP Art Department Does It Again... Destroyed AIR Solar Research Facility

While doing some exploration in my Cheetah, I entered a Rookie system and warped to my usual system spot to scan. Much to my surprise I happened to land on a destroyed AIR Facility.

The site actually looks pretty cool with electric arcs and various explosions happening at different times. Also had chunks of debris moving around leaving vapor / smoke trails behind them. Definitely a lot of action happening in the site.

Anyway, thought I’d give a shout out to the CCP Art Department for a job well done and share a couple screen shots of it with the community here. And yes, all the effects happening in the site makes it look much better compared to these screen shots… If you get a chance, go check it out, it’s definitely worth a look…

@CCP_Swift or any other CCP Dev, please convey my thanks and praise to the Art Department…

Destroyed AIR Solar Research Facility…


The Arts department does deserve a huge shout-out. The game wouldn’t be as pleasant and engaging to play without their fantastic work.
Artists are often underrated and unappreciated by those who know nothing about art.
@CCP_Swift Please DO convey our appreciation for their hard work.

Thank you for the thread, DeMichael.


Beautiful screenshots! I’ll make sure the Art Team hears your high praise <3


Thank you very much… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to also add that when I took the screen shots, I was actually cloaked sitting about 70km’s away and saw two different 1 day old Cadets in Rookie ships warp to the site…

:thinking: So yeah, those sites in the Rookie systems are definitely getting some attention.

On a side note, it’d be nice if the 3x Bowhead wrecks in those sites actually had random loot instead of constantly respawning a Civilian Mining Upgrade module… :wink:

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Just a guess but it might be part of a quest or something?

But if not then yeah some random drop would make it more interesting, curious capsuleers (new and old) might investigate what items they drop.

Might even mix in a useful item or even a somewhat expensive one (for a rookie) in the drop table with like 0.001% chance of dropping, though maybe that would lead the site to be constantly farmed so maybe not.

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Maybe part of NPE…

However since it’s only in the Rookie systems, I think the site is a replacement for the original Newbie sites that dropped all kinds of Civilian BPC’s and mods… minus the rats of course.

Anyway, since there’s 3x Bowhead wrecks, CCP could easily make each one drop a different type of Civilian mod. Personally I think they should drop Tech 1 mods and only be accessible once per character…

Yeah could be, I remember those, they were good easy way to farm NPCs for daily goals back in the day, I guess CCP realized this hence the removal of those sites. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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