Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

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Recruitment is open! I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that my press team has already issued a statement regarding any holovids you may have seen that purport to show “unsavory activities” involving a Matari “exotic dancer,” and made clear that I believed at the time that the activities depicted were legal, as we were in Minmatar space at the time.
My legal team will be taking strong action against any disreputable “news agencies” that seek to rumor-monger or spread salacious lies about this, or about any “financial improprieties” related to the recent dissolution of one of our corporate subsidiaries. Thanks to certain unnamed benefactors who have made generous donations through anonymous third parties, I shall be pursuing every legal remedy to clear my name and defend the reputation of our corporate family.

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