Align/Warp from set route right click

Currently right clicking your next waypoint (top left dropdown) does not offer an align option. Can we have an align and warp button below jump/dock?

I’m aware that this can be done via radial menu or overview and many other ways but I see no reasons those functions should be split.

When you select “warp” your ship will automatically align towards the destination and warp.

Selecting an object / destination and then “approach” will also align your ship.

Note: To be clear, “aligning” in EVE is having your vector pointed within ~3-5 degrees of the target destination and being between 75 to 125% max velocity.
There is no such thing as “passive aligning” as, without any speed (see: 0 m/sec), the ship will not have any vector (see: “front”).

The reason for this is that the server sees your ship as nothing more than a “sphere” with data in it. Your “front” is defined by your trajectory (see: vector + speed) or last known trajectory.
So if your ship is sitting at 0 m/sec it will align at the same speed in any direction regardless of what the graphics in the game indicates.

Okay you missed the point. Sometimes I want to just align from the right click menu. I appreciate your explanation but I’m already aware of how aligning works mechanically. I’m actually an mwd drift lord. Also you can use the tactical overview to find your ships true face (when it is moving).

I want this function because it exists in the space right click menu. Aligning without warping is very important in many situations.

I don’t see why next jump route only has a jump option and not the regular align/warp. This is merely a UI QOL request nothing more.

Ah… carry on then. :slight_smile:

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I have it as choice number 3 when I right click a target in overview.

You must be right clicking wrong :rofl:


Naw I mean in the waypoint bar. Like the top left of screen where it shows your next jump.


Maybe you are right clicking a waypoint that is not a physical location, like a station.

Right click the name not the box
Jeez I’m embarrassed am I the only one that right clicks the name lmao
I’d post a screencap but at work

-1 too many alternatives :slight_smile:

Yeah there’s other ways to do the same thing but I think it should be consistent.

Thanks though didn’t know the clicking the box instead of the name gave the align option.

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