Align to gates using the circular menu on "Route Tool"

Currently I cannot align to a gate that leads to the next system on my route (that I set with “Set Destination”). I have no idea why. I’d like to be able to just align using that.

Shows up in the lower left quadrant for me. Where are you clicking?

it shows on the lower left but it is disabled.

He is radial clicking on the next step of the route, in the top left part of the screen .

If it is showing but is disabled, that may be a bug - have you tried bug reporting it? It seems unlikely that this would be ‘working as intended’…

So many bugs in eve, maybe I already reported it. Maybe not.

Just try it.

I got it and not greyed out by clicking on the actual system in the route, though I just popped in and ducked out of station to test so I didn’t actually click to see what happened.

Whatever you’re clicking on it seems like it’s probably referencing the system itself and not the gate to that system.

That was my thought as well, as the route tool shows the next system to jump to, not the gate to that system.

Not sure if it’s helpful, but I usually align using the overview, by clicking the yellow gates.

It makes travelling consistent, as I jump around from system to system like that, regardless of whether I have a route set or not. (Just make sure you have a travel overview tab, in case you fly around in crowded high sec space with way too much other objects on your overview.)

I think it’s using on in some places and the other in some other places. It should probably either be using a mix of both or solely one or the other.

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