Can you fly to your Trade hub of choice without a Waypoint?

How well do you know the route you take? Do you set a waypoint by choice because you are just lazy to learn the stargates?

Yes or no if you can not supply much detail…

your turn Capsuleer!

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I set desto because it selects the next gate on the route for me so that I don’t have to click as much.


No I can’t.

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No…I’ve never created waypoints. What I do is create corvettes at key locations, then I use the assets list to quickly ‘set destination’. I have my Overview set up so that the next gate on the route automatically highlights and shows at the top of the list…that way I can literally warp to the next gate immediately on passing through one.

I’ve also come to know which routes sometimes offer split alternatives, and which routes are safer. For example to get back to corp HQ in Oipo from the Amarr region the safest route involves going to Sarum Prime first.

And lastly, in some systems ( such as Ahbazon ) I’ve learned to take an indirect route from a star or station so that I arrive on the other side of the star gate to where the gate campers are.

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I could do it to Dodixie but my main’s primary system of activity is Parchanier which is only a couple of jumps away so it’s not that difficult to remember. If I had to go to Jita I obviously couldn’t without the route planner.

After a decade buying crap and building ■■■■ in Domain, I can find my way from anywhere to anywhere without assistance.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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You’re asking me if I right click my destination and just follow the yellow gates trail ?

Wait, this isn’t how everyone plays EVE !? :open_mouth:

Sure. I live in Polaris, so getting to my trade hub is super easy.

Who buys your minerals there?

Minerals? No idea what those are, sorry.

Sounds like not much of a trade hub. More like a bunch of 1 isk NPC sell orders, I bet.

Would like to add that in Y125 I plan to learn the stargates between Jita and Amarr

Inb4 CCP messes up the landscape with Triglavian invasions that completely reshape routes permanently. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



They won’t be back, they can assemble their forces in Caldari Space but they won’t be back.

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Yeah, we have them pinned down in their home systems, with wave upon wave of capsuleers flooding into their observatory flashpoints.

Wait… Eve has waypoints?

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