Find the Closest Trade Hub at a Glance

Was bored, tossed this together after doing some WH diving. Just let’s you quickly find the closest trade hub at a glance. Figured some others might find some use for it as well.

On load, the search box is selected, so just load it up, and type in a name.

Distance is based on shortest, not safest.


add a folder “trade hubs”, add in your trade hubs, sort by number of jumps.

Find the trade hub at a glance,
find it while the ladies dance,
let 'em dance themselves in trance,
you might get a ■■■■■■■ chance.

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^^ Wut

That would also work! but mah BM limit :smiley:

This… is almost loading screen worthy… Got anything about the Imicus? only the best ship in the game?

I’ve honestly never flown an imicus. I’ll go check it out.

Sadly, Jita is the only trade hub. It’s an order of magnitude bigger than all other so-called trade hubs put together. I have bases all over the universe and I try to survive with my blueprints. But there’s always something I need that requires a trip back to shytehole central.

Looks good except for the fact that Rens can no longer be considered a valid trade hub.

Yo man, sorry for tellin’ ya i fail at comin’ up with anythin’ containin’ “imicus”.

1.) Create a bookmark folder
2.) Add Jita, Amarr, Rens & Dodixie hub stations to it
3.) Name folder wisely so it stands on top of your bookmarks
4.) Splash HS, look at the folder, and you see the distance without typing anything.

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Should be added to every wh mapper!

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