Jita is Pita: RENS (Fran) is the new Market Hub

Everyone has easy access to Rens, except the Caldari (Is that a seafood?) and who cares about them.

The area all around Rens is free of Trigs thanks to the efforts of players other than myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

fyi Fran is the “Perimeter” of Rens…


Is there a TTT in Frarn?


Yes of course!


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At least EVE has got me to watch TV again! :crazy_face:


You spelled Hek wrong!


Minmatar can’t spell.




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:red_circle: :rofl:

Listen here, buddy. If you want to see Reeeeee-ns or Fraaa-nz, get the flamethrower be a thing, I suggest you first improve its market coverage and convenience and prices. Then we can talk. Running the advertisement drums like maniac without supporting your claims is not going to work. Use the player agency that you have and shape the markets in your image.

:rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jita still dominate, even with all is problem, in the high sec space

Good luck in taking that away

But given a chance to split the Jita-Dodixie route, wouldn’t you want to try?

Well, I think Rens is a good choice.

For High Sec travel it’s located 20 jumps from Amarr and 25 jumps from Jita, so it’s pretty close to being in the center and Rens System is a 0.9 Security level.


Rens? What the Hek!


I thought Aset was the Minmatar trading hub :thinking:



The largest concentration of hisec players are in Caldari space, so Jita will remain the hub unless the Trigs bounce it, and if that happens then likely Perimeter becomes the hub. No trade hub will be picked that is “equally inconvenient for everyone” just because it’s halfway between Amarr and Jita. The market wants to be where most of the players are, and that isn’t close to Rens.

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OP is right Rens is the best trade hub…


…if you want to buy duct tape.


ba dum tsh



It’s also only one of two places where you can buy M.2 Salvage drones

I hate to tell you this but the Invasion has already started making players move and by the time it’s finished, even more players will have moved. Caldari space is being systemically carved up which is causing players to leave.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, if the High Sec route between Amarr and Jita stays the way it currently is then Rens is in a very good location to become the Central Trade Hub.


As a loyal citizen of the Empire my first reaction is: Minmatar trading? Best thing for 'em…

More seriously, I suspect Rens will prosper - being half way along the route between the Empires isn’t a bad place to trade. I spend a lot of time in the systems between Rens and Amarr and the number of freighters transiting the Mehatoor pipe is definitely up. From "rare to “steady flow”. And I suspect traders will pay attention to what is, or isn’t, selling in Rens.

I don’t think it’ll be a rapid shift. There’s a lot of mental inertia, people reluctant to make the shift because they’ve got a mental “Jita is the Market”. Additionally, Jita is huge and will take a while to fade.

I think we are in a period of slow shifting of the markets that will even them out and reduce the absolute dominance of a few hubs. It’s a change, I can see why that shakes people, it’ll take some adapting to, but I’m curious to how it settles.

Of course, if there is a final cutting of the hi-sec routes between the Empires then that will be very interesting.