Triglavians Invade Trade Hub

I can’t believe nobody has posted a thread about this.

Quadrant 2 has definitely kicked off with a bang, Trigs have now invaded Rens system, along with most of it’s neighboring systems as well. There’s a total of 12 systems currently being invaded, half of those are Low Sec systems, all systems are within 4 jumps of Rens.

So I was just wondering, any other Trade systems being invaded as well?


Just to remove any doubt as to what the Trade Systems are, I’m including these links so you can see for yourself.


:red_circle: Perimeter has had at least 1 Invasion so far.


Hopefully Jita gets camped by the Trigs for a week. That would be hilarious.


This is just further proof that Rens isn’t a trade hub and never has been,
because actual trade hubs don’t get incursions/invasions/etc.

It’s just a Hek-wannabe.

There, I said it. It’s an unconvinient truth,
and some people might take offense to that,
but it’s the truth nonetheless.


Please don’t post your rhetoric here and derail this thread into a forum flame war. I asked a simple question - any other Trade systems being invaded?


I was just trying to be humorous.
I really did not mean to derail your thread.

I can see why you’d think that, though.

Would you rather have me delete it …
… or add an emoji to make it more clear?

According to google, Dodixie hasn’t been under invasion so far. At least there’s no evidence of that to be found and I’m pretty sure someone would have posted about it. Same goes for Amarr. Hek, as far as I know, also hasn’t been under invasion. Next door, though, absolutely. I’ve seen them happening often around Colelie. Jita is definitely not ever under invasion, because the node is stressed enough already anyway.

I don’t know about Oursulaert (spelling?), which iirc has been starting to become one.


And Rens system has never had an Invasion either… until now.

You do know this is the start of Quadrant 2 and anything can happen within the next few months. Don’t be surprised if the other Trade Hub systems get invaded too before this Quadrant is finished.

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@ DeMichael Crimson

Stop discussing with this guy…you should know by now that the only solution to this guy is to block him…

He is exactly that what he accuses me of…

I won’t! It would be interesting!


A widening of the systems that can have a TrigVasion is a good thing, maybe get some more outside of Amarr space.

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Hardly as bad as that one time a rookie system was invaded. Impressive pile of wrecks near undock…


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Yeah, all due to some over zealous Dev with an itchy trigger finger… :crazy_face:

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Rens was never a trade hub :smiley:
So few transactions in comparison with JIta

Jita is the only trade hub, there are none except Jita !!!

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Jita is a putrid festering hole oozing the vile secretions of greed and avarice.


I had to nip to Rens this evening to pick up a shed load of BPC’s, jumped into system and had to laugh CCP sure are shaking ■■■■ up. A plus in my book let the chaos continue. :eyes: Also nerfing ship resists by 20% will make absolutely no difference to me, one has spent years maximising the potential of my swanky ship. Ganking is going to go through the roof though, thank God I never use Jita or go through the pipes. Instead of warping in and pulling the whole room i’ll just have to peel it like an onion. If i’m honest i’ll still be able to pull the whole room. I do like the way CCP are doing things these days keep it up guys.

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At least they don’t hide that fact, so they can’t be all bad

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Do people sell 1 mil Geckos in Rens local? Because if not then it’s not a real trade hub. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:


One uses Rens frequently, and if purchases are made then trade is being conducted and a hub trading in a quadrant of space must be a trade a hub. Minmatar space has Rens and Hek, no self respecting Minmatar would run to Caldari space to trade.


It’s more CAN’T hide that than don’t…but weren’t you a jita station trader / smalltime scam attempter before you ragequit?..hmmm…

Actually, I used to trade in Hek with one character and Amarr with another. Never did do any scams though didn’t fall for any either.

I didn’t rage quit my characters are parked. I have uninstalled the game and I visit the forums less but I do still have just over two months of Omega time left.

I just didn’t like the direction the game has taken, although I’m not annoyed about it, after all it’s an MMO and nothing is set in stone.