All Accounts Alpha?

Is the billing still running or something?

When I login all my Omega accounts come up as Alpha. They bill at all different times throughout the month so they would not all expire at once.

maybe you are logging into Singularity and not realizing it?

I had the same issue. I checked my EVE Portal (app) and as I am typing this it still shows all my accounts have paused training. I had to take time out of my day to verify they are all working. I only received the notification on ONE of my accounts that I was in Alpha when I logged in. All characters are Omega though and functioning as expected. My guess is they are going to blame it on another DDoS (they always do).

The banner on the main screen appears to be using cached data, so if your renewal occurred since you last logged in it shows as alpha, then when you login it updates.

Clever programming.

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