Account stuck in Alpha even tho my subscription has renewed successfully

Hi folks,
On Sunday I received an email confirming my subscription had been successfully renewed, but when I logged in a few minutes later my account had reverted to Alpha, I’ve logged in regularly since and it remains in Alpha. Is there a work around for this?

Secondly, I submitted a support ticket on Sunday and have heard nothing other than an automated response since, This is the first ticket I’ve submitted, so I unaware of the process. What kind of delay can I expect for this to be resolved?

It really depends on how many tickets were submitted before you, and the urgency of the situation. Clearly Paying for Omega and staying alpha is an issue, and hopefully within a few days you should get a response.

Thanks for the reply Geo,

It’s been 3 days now and I still haven’t even had a non-automated response from CCP.

Not sure if I should quote these numbers here, but at this point I just want to alert CCP to my problem…
bug report: EBR 165180
ticket number: 818311

Checking on this, sorry for the delay.

Thanks very much for sorting this out, it’s much appreciated and the bonus omega time is very generous.

Could you tell me if there’s a way to get back the lost training days (my skill queue had nothing an alpha could train in it).

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