All JonnyPew's videos gone?

I checked his channel and all his videos are gone, same with his Twitch. Did he win EVE? It’s a shame his videos have gone, they were really informative and entertaining.

this youtube channel.

No vidios. :scream:


I noticed this too. Makes me sad. Those videos were a huge help to a lot of new players.


He actually streamed like a week ago on twitch. In stream someone asked him where he had been and he said he got a new job and he could not work from home anymore. And he said he hated EVE online and stopped playing. No joke. He was playing at the time doing some abandoned drone hunting. He didn’t seem like his happy normal self. And I was following his channel but it looks to be gone now. It is no longer on my following list. I am guessing he is done with EVE and being a public figure.

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There was a stream at the 30. June titled “No, I haven’t won EVE Online… yet” but it’s no longer available on Twitch. Youtube Channel is empty but still exists while @JonnyPew on Twitter is no longer to be found.

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He did… now. :trophy:

Ah well. When a YouTuber you’ve followed quits like that it’s easy to feel a selfish sense of entitlement for an explanation, but he doesn’t owe me or anyone else anything. Still, can’t help being curious. Sometimes we need to close chapters in our life without announcement or fuss. My best wishes to him, and thanks for the entertainment.


We will miss you, Johnny Pew. Fly safe.


Darn, too late.


You deleting your videos means you’re frustrated. While I understand the usual reasoning behind such a move, I don’t understand the selfishness behind denying all those future players, who would benefit from them, the ability to watch them. That’s just childish.

As a beneficiary of some of your videos, I’d also like to implore you to leave them up for future Eve citizens.


He doesn’t owe anyone anything. Selfishness is trying to tell someone what they should do with their property. In fact, that’s pretty ■■■■■■■ childish.


Sometimes what a person chooses to do and what they would like to have done are different things. We recognize that Johnny can do with his videos as he pleases, but we feel they were produced for altruistic purposes that would not reach their full potential if removed, and that this observation may have weight that was not fully considered.

It is Eve’s nature, apparently, to be somewhat abrasive. Manly image and all that I suppose, but Solstice wouldn’t have said anything if he didn’t care is what I believe. For both the future newbies and our fair friend who produced videos that would benefit them.


It shows that you are done with something for good in which you don’t see any meaning or benefit any longer. That’s not childish, it is being determined and thorough.

I enjoyed his videos, too, but I can absolutely understand moves like these. Good luck with your new job and life outside of EVE, Jonny.


What is childish is to insult someone who gave you something, because he does not give you anymore.
Children those days …

He is not “supposed to” anything, he does not owe anyone anything. His vids are his property and making them available to someone is a right he has.
If he does not care anymore then there is no reason to have to care about his vids either. Removing them is the easiest way to achieve “don’t disturb me ever”.

That is a troll. You don’t know anything yet affirm things you claim to know about people.


Don’t worry about it. Everyone gets mud thrown after them for quitting EVE. It’s an EVE tradition. And JonnyPew will know how to handle it.

I’d say Solstice is performing a ceremonial mud tossing. :dolls:


Can I have your stuff videos? :wink:

@JonnyPew o7


Ahhhhh no.
I really enjoyed his videos and I used one of them as an answer to help in the newbro forum here: Home station and corp HQ problem
I couldn’t help but remembered his video.
Fly safe, Jonny