All Sold-Dev Please Delete

Selling some unused alts, all CCP character transfer rules will be honored. Toons will acknowledge they are for sale and be in an NPC corp prior to sale. Funds are to be transferred to the toon being purchased (not the OP), seller is responsible for paying the transfer fee. All toons are located in continuous high sec with positive wallets and no kill rights. Skill points are accurate and no SP extractions will take place after being listed for sale.

Optimus Diplo, 6.2m sp with focus on Production, Science and basic Invention. 6B-SOLD

Xerkai, 6.3m sp Freighter Pilot 6B-SOLD

Stump Knocker, 6.2m sp with focus on Production, Science and basic invention. 6B-SOLD

Ryjax, 14.2m sp T2 Miner with Exhumers 4 and T2 Mining Drones, Ice Harvesting V and light combat skills. 13B
eveskillboard: - SOLD

Post any questions in this thread or pm Neva Second

Confirm I am for sale

10b b/o for ryjax

Accepted, Send Isk and account info to Optimus and I will begin transfer.

Isk accepted and transfer has been initiated, you should receive email from ccp soon. If you would also like Stump then transfer isk to him and let me know what account you want him on and when it will be clear to begin.

Accepted 10b for Ryjax, send isk and account details to Ryjax and I will begin transfer.

Cool, give me a few minutes

Isk and account info received, you should get an email from ccp soon. Thx o/

Isk and info received on both accounts, transfer request was initiated and I have not received any errors from ccp. You should get a confirm email soon. Thanks for the business, fly safe o/

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