*** ALL SOLD *** Wanted to sell 3 SP Farm Toons 12B

https://skillq.net/char/FarginIcehole/share/3bb5d868-2b4a-40e1-b232-18a3458ab7d0 Max research
https://skillq.net/char/Vandalay/share/8ee03260-3bc0-43a0-9644-034ef781d74a research
https://skillq.net/char/Stripecat/share/df451ae3-879b-4584-949c-a6212b6328cd Max research

4B each

Cybernetics V
+5 Intelligence
+5 Memory
Train Targeting/Sensor Compensation skills
Wallet positive
All in starter corps
All in Jita Trade Hub

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

your links dont work

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Hmm, they do for me. I’ll work it out. Thanks
Edit: Links fixed

4 bil offer for Stripecat

@Vandalay Are you still selling?

Willing to buy all 3 (or whatever is left after selling to previous bids) 4b each

Happy to take Baby Ducktape’s offer to buy all three together for 12b. Send details and isk ingame to Vandalay.

if he didn’t reply, plz sell to me by 4B for each

I can do 12.5B for all

Will sell to highest bid of 12.5B for all 3 toons, Risa Oribe, account deets and isk to Vandalay


Thanks, I will transfer them now.

I didn’t realise this would happen. I will transfer the other two as soon as I’m able to.

ok.I will wait them.

Vandalay transferred. Farginicehole transfer initiated.

got it

2nd toon transferred, initiated final transfer.
Fly safe