Ticket submitted to CCP to start transfer. Thank you!

char recieved,thanks!

Awesome, Enjoy!

2 Left still for sale

Still for sale!

Are you looking forward to Sansha titans being released?

Character received, thanks for trade

Theminers Deninard 41 bil

Sorry but I can extract for more than that, ty for free bump

Current extractor price for that toon is 40.8bil.

Now factor in the 4 bil to transfer. It’s not cost effective to sell it that low.

Also a quick evepraisal for 97 injectors less 97 extractor 44.2bn sell valvue. So il take evepraisal over a lowballer thanks.

Still for sale

Still for sale, prices updated to reflect current injector costs etc

Just wanted to mention your extraction calculation is a bit (way) off from current market values

eh. fixed. bad math day.

bear in mind, i did a rough calculation based on buying plex and getting extractors that way. which works out about 10bil cheaper than buying extractors off the market. roughly.

32,000 plex is about 120bn whereas 320 extractos off the market sale value is 137bn currently on evepraisal. so using evepraisal prices which are generally accepted as a good benchmark. 139.22bn would be the profit less taxes. so extractor price of 140bn for Cpt Williamkidd is a decent rough estimate.

Injector price is 810, tax is 2.25% and broker fee is another 0.5%
you should get an amount closer to 130B for Cpt (without the transfer fee)

fair enough, didnt take taxes into account. still not selling it below 150bn when you take skins, titan skills and implants along with transfer fees, id rather extract it myself.

Sounds fair. Titan pilots usually have 15-20b markup especially with expensive implants.
Best of luck!

still for sale

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