As the name of the thread said, i am selling this pretty hauler .


Portrait https://imageserver.eveonline.com/Character/2118847118_1024.jpg

  • Impel
  • Bowhead
  • amarr Blockade runner
  • Providence

Bercause can use a full extractor, 3.5b is my price…

I am in high sec Positive wallet, no killing rights, all ccp rules apply.

If interested answer the thrad, i am not checking eve mail.

What about 2.5B ISK in hands right now ? :slight_smile:

No thanks.

Suites you, enjoy the 630M from the Injector then. Offer remains.

not clear. I can extract a injetor and sell for 2.6 if you want.

How about we close the deal midway ? 3B.

do u offer 3b for the pilot with the 5.5m ? if this is your offer, do that 3.1 and is a deal.

3.1B it is. Please send the infos to Logan Jakal in-game.

waiting the is k and account for transfer.

What’s the char to transfer ISK too ? Was expecting to do that per Eve Mail for privacy but however you prefer

normally sent to the character you are purchasing… sent the isk to this character.


edit you data. i transfer in a minute. Normally you sent the eve mail with the account name.

Done, please confirm when transfer is done

transfer done, please confirm when you receive the eve real world mail of ccp

Confirming I received the CCP mail, good trade, thank you, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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